Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Condolence To All The Tsunami Victims In Pangandaran

I give my condolence to all the tsunami victims in Pangandaran, Central Java, which has cause the total over 500 people died. Another disaster strokes our country again. After the traumatic feelings of Merapi Mountain, Central Java is now being “tested” again as the tsunami stroke on Pangandaran. This is the second biggest tsunami Indonesia after the tsunami that stroke Aceh, and other Asia Pacific countries.

The tsunami caused by the underwater earthquake from the Indonesian Ocean that exaggerated more than 2 meters wave from the ocean to the coast. People that should have been warned before had panic, adding some “unfinished” trauma from disaster that stroke Aceh, being washed out by the unstopable wave from the sea.

Java Tsunami, 17 July

All of the sudden, Indonesian local television news and radios broadcasted the entire incident with titles “Tsunami Strikes Again”. As an Indonesian, I think we have enough for this kind of news. We all have the same feeling about our friends in other places in Indonesia. We all pray for them, and hope for the best actions to treat their physic and mental to be back again being a normal Indonesian.

I can only seduce you all readers to, at least pray for our friends in Pangandaran and around to be able to cure from their physical and mental trauma from the tsunami, and other disasters that strokes Indonesia. If you want to help them, please donate anything that can be useful for the victims at your local area that provides donation to our area. Your donation will be used to those who are very in need.

Your tears are ours also.

As an Indonesian, I must be strong and patient to keep our live spirit on. We should live with strong heart strong spirit. Live goes on.

For Update Information, visit: BBC News.

Monday, July 17, 2006

First Day At The New School Year!

We all now, today is 18 of July 2006, the day which every student in Indonesia are going back to school, continuing the next school year. I personally enter the XII class of senior high school in Sixty Six Senior High School, precisely in XII-IPS-III (Social III). I got the absent number 34 from total 35 students in my class, and I also have the same class again with my tablemate at the XI-IPS-I. I think this class is also dominant by girls rather than boys (13 boys and 22 girls) like the same class in XI-IPS-I. I think the friends are pretty good, and until I finished the school today, I haven’t felt any “distortion” at all.

Rocky, one of my classmates is chosen to be the chief of the class that we did it on voting. He only had 2 votes’ leading from my tablemate Romi. Now, Rocky is still arranging the hierarchy of the class and (I hope) he also preparing the future plans for the class. We also had a little short brake to make each person of my classmate, recognize each other. Well, I think the committee spread every student in my class equally from the XI Social class, which made our class is more heterogeneous. Only a few of my class mate at XI class who enters XII-IPS-III class.

As the first day of the school, after the very long holiday that we had, today we only had some introduction by our new teachers that will be teaching our class. The first teacher is Mrs. Sri Hidayah. He will teach us Indonesian Language subject. My first impression about her is, she looks firm about her teaching and sticks to the school regulation very much. This will take a bit boring, but I hope she could teach better from my Indonesian Language teacher, when I was in X and XI class. The second teacher is Mrs. Tata, and she teaches us Math. The lesson hasn’t start but I think she’s kind of nice to us, and have a sense of humor. This is one point that is very important! There are only a few teachers in Sixty Six Senior High School who have the sense of humor. She is also firm, and socializes to the student. I hope Mrs. Tata could motivate us to learn Mathematics more in this XII class.

In this new school year, we also required to expert our own local knowledge in our own state. That’s why, our school adding a new subject called “Mulok” (Muatan Lokal). In this subject, we should learn about the local potential of our state, which is Jakarta (could be the language, important sites, the culture, etc.). I think the government applies this subject because; as an Indonesian, we must integrate our own culture, which is very heterogeneous, and to avoid the unwanted disassociations from the foreign countries. This is also, some kind of stance that we must have strong nationality as an Indonesian. Good point!

I cannot see the new X class student that enters Sixty Six Senior High School clearly, because our new teachers that will teach us until we finished the XII class were introducing us. But I saw them only a few times when we had school brakes. They are still in the orientation session to the school, that the Student School Organization (OSIS) must guide them to recognize their new school, which is Sixty Six Senior High School. They were using nametags, which their name is written on it, that divided into colors that differentiate every class. Their nametags were hanging on their neck as they use as a necklace. Don’t worry! Sixty Six Senior High School treated their junior very nicely, and we don’t apply any aspect of seniority in this school. We must respect each other, so as they respect us!

Fortunately, the school bell rang when the clock reach 12.30, and it’s time to go home early in this Introduction Day. So after I Shalat Dzuhur together with my friends at the Musholla, I went home and just directly write this post.

I hope I could do the best at the XII class, and Insya Allah, I could able to reach my plan in the future! Amen.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

X-H Memories

I found these lyrics in one of my notebook, which is covered with violet paper, when I was cleaning up my room, preparing for tomorrows new school year. I just realized that, this is the book that I used when I was at the orientation session when I enter Sixty Six Senior High School. The lyrics are sung when we were presenting our class in the main field.

Check this out!


Kelas kita 10-H, Ha-ha-ha
Kami datang ke sekolah
Untuk belajar dengan rajin dan mengapai cita-cita
10-H emang keren

Kami anak 10-H
Senang tertawa
Tapi kami juga senang bekerja
Kami datang kesini untuk gapai prestasi
Agar menjadi anak yang berbakti

10-H - Ha-ha-ha-ha

Just like early days nostalgia! :)

Long Live Roni Patinasarani!

If you often see world cup matches that broadcast in Indonesia, you must recognize this man. He is an Indonesian commentator of football who is commenting local and international football matches. He was a football player in the past and he has made a lot of contribution in football journey in Indonesia, especially campaigning the popularity of football itself to the public with his critical and analytical comment in every match he describe. He often uses the wise words to analyze every matches, who attracted every people to see the match more enthusiast.

In action, every match that he describe, he often adding some wise words to the public about the match which makes us learn something new about football, or maybe about life also. I was smiling when he talked about the final match between Italy and France. He talked about the 3 factors of either Italy or France can win the match. The first is the better team communication; the second is the better team fitness; and the third is luck.

First, team won’t win the match if they’re lack of communication between the players. The team won’t be able to win the match if there is at least a person on the team who doesn’t want to win. Second, each player’s fitness is tested in the final match of World Cup 2006. Both of the team played plenty of matches to reach the final, and the players must have great fitness to get the match done with their winning in his hand. Finally the third is luckiness. They’re will be no one who reach the final without any change of luckiness. Both of the team at least had one changes of luck in their road to final. See Italy when they met Australia. They won after Australia, when Totti scored at the last minute controversial penalty shot which reached the final score 1-0 for Italy. France also were given some luck when they won after Brazil with the final score 1-0. The only goal from Henry (which also includes well-corporate team communication) is also one of a change of luckiness. If you see closely, Roberto Carlos didn’t guard Henry when he took score. Critics said that it was most of Roberto Carlos fault, but in my point of view, it was also a change of luck for me.

The last factor that Ronny said is truly filled the “empty space” of “colors” in every matches. Luckiness is one factor that is guarantying the success of live, not only in football matches. In every road that we take, luckiness is waiting around us. That’s why we must always praise to god if we received anything that we want and we’ve been looking for. It won’t be happened if we haven’t receive any luck (also hard work).

We as an Indonesian, I could say that Roni Patinasarani has been an icon of Indonesian football. His contribution in Indonesian’s football has really showing the totality of life to football. He has also attract a lot of people to improve the quality of Indonesian football, whether from the football itself, or from the show business in Indonesia. He is now assigned as the Director of Futsal Education in Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) and also a commentator of local or international football matches in local televisions.

Well, I hope we could learn something new from what Roni said, and I hope Indonesian football can improves their talent to at least be able to enter the World Cup, the most prestigious football competition in the world.

Respect the Goodness!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

New Wave Of Indonesian Comedy

Slapstick was the most popular type of comedy in Indonesia. At that time, it was the most viewed TV show in the country. The popularity starts when “Srimulat” (one of the most popular comedy show on TV) broadcast in local television. The show was mixed from the traditional culture of Indonesia and the commercial type of slapstick comedy. In the show, the cast make the comedy with added some physical activities or maybe some kind of practical jokes (typical of slapstick comedy). This type of comedy was fortunately easy to reach the low economics viewers, which are claims to be the most viewers in Indonesia. From here, there is a lot of TV show that broadcast the same type of comedy show, which claimed easy to get the most viewers. The same type of comedy show in the afternoon, such as “Santai Bareng Yuuk!” is like to be some kind of “happening” in Indonesia.

This type of comedy, fortunately are evolving as the smarter mind of the Creative Section of the comedy show, and the smarter way of thinking of Indonesian. Now, the comedy show in most of television show, has broadcast the less type of “slapstick” or comedy that added some physical activities on it, although some comedy show seems like hanging out on their idealism to added some “slapstick” in their show. Now, television shows such as “Extravaganza” or “Nge-Leong Yuuk!” are the most popular type of comedy show in Indonesia, and has grabbed most of the viewers in the country. The popularity of the comedian and the unique character of every comedian at the show have attracted the viewers to be some kind of idol that will be favorites to all the viewers. This new wave type of comedy seems like to be some kind of symbol of modernism in Indonesian TV show.

In this new wave of comedy, the Creative Section of the show is the most potential person in the show. They must be as creative as possible, making such funny stories and jokes without appealing or using some SARA (Suku, Agama, Ras, Antar Golongan) / (Nations, Religion, Racism, Divisions). Expression and smart jokes are the dominant aspect of the show, covered with the well-arranged backdrop and properties. Comedy shows now days are also added some art aspect that sometime is use, in terms of making the show more filled with interesting “packaging” and unique stories to attract modern viewers. Now, they are often bands that played in comedy show to attract people to watch the show, and listen to their idol bands. People who work at the design graphics can be recruited also to decorate every different scene of the show, which is getting more creative day by day. This is totally making the comedy show are not easily got bored to watch every episode.

Although comedy shows in Indonesia has evolve, sometime, conservative jokes like “Plesetan” or say some word with the unusual meaning of the word itself. Until now, looks like this type of comedy still useful to make some kind of humor to make people laugh. We could still feel the conservative type of comedy, with still adding some traditional aspects and culture with modern type of packaging without wounding one culture. The difference and the heterogeneous of Indonesian culture seems to influenced the comedian show in Indonesia to be more interesting to watch and have plenty of variety in every show that they made.

I hope comedian shows in Indonesia can evolve to be better and better everyday and could get more creative day-by-day to keep the viewers watch the show and appreciate our own country in the positive way. I hope it also could be some kind of potential assets to the country and “perfuming” the name of the country to the world.

Keep on going comedy show in Indonesia!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

MP3 Players Would Make People Anti Social

The availability of MP3 Player in this world seems make a lot of phenomenon that we can get. Beside, the MP3 itself that cause songs to be “free to get” or “un-priced”, it seems that the MP3 phenomenon has also changed people way of life. The innovation of MP3 Player has changed the people way of listening to the music to be more “popish” and “easy to get bored”. Just see the availability of Ipod in this world. People nowadays, are easy to get this kind of technology in their daily environment. Most of the consumer is also teenagers and kids (although some adults are having it also).

If you see from the people physiology, if they are listening to the music, they would usually don’t care to their situation around. They just enjoy their music from their MP3 Players without having any responses to others. Well, maybe it’s because they cannot listen to other conversation (or maybe they are just ignores it) because they are too serious to listen to their music. Why at this term, I talked about MP3 Players, rather than CD players, or Tape Recorder? Because now days, MP3 Players are more easy to get, and usually cheaper than the other type of music players. It’s usually reachable for the middle and the high class of economy in the past, but I think now, the low class economy can afford to get those kinds of gears.

This is actually able to be some kind of threat to the youth. If we saw down the street, teenage are now are “close eared” with a pair of earphones, with some music played in their ears. As music lovers, I think that music are settled if we hear it in some kind of serious place, or at least in a place that we were able to relax and enjoy the music. Not in the public places / place where we hang out with friends or family. Music is a personal activity. If we were listening to it, we would despair the environment around us, and the activities among us.

I totally agree if those actions are important to increase the soul of the music. But I think if it’s “too much” and set in a wrong place, it will harm people psychology. People (teenage especially) who have to prefer communicate with others, are like being “walled” by music. The time for socializes, seems to be ignored, and they would prefer to listen to their favorite songs from their music players. Our youth will be lack of socialize, and develop some kind of an individualist character of people!

Giving the children some significant place to socialize and changes minds to others should stop this. The environment and the development of technologies now days seems didn’t care for children way of thinking as the youth of the nation!

We should be aware of this!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Lyrics Of The Official World Cup Anthem 2006!

Herbert Grönemeyer feat. Miriam & Amadou
-"Celebrate The Day" (English Version)-

Album: "Voices From The Fifa Worldcup" (2006)

To win again
To never stop finding
Moving as one
Is the word for home
Begin to place
Yourself in the big frame
When you dream
When you dream

[Mariam & Amadou:]
En avant pour la victoire
En avant pour la victoire
C'est le moment de l'espoir
C'est le moment de l'espoir

Let the sweet air
Fill our hearts
Walk on and celebrate the day
The day, the day the day
Celebrate the day
The day, the day the day
Celebrate the day

Grab your drums
Paint your soul
Feel the roar
and celebrate the day
The day, the day the day
Celebrate the day
The day, the day the day
Celebrate the day
The day, the day the day

To win again
To never stop climbing
The rising road
Of ultimate faith
The world in a heartbeat
When you dream
When you dream

Celebrate the day, the day, the day
Celebrate the day, the day, the day
Celebrate the day, the day, the day
Celebrate the day, the day, the day
Celebrate the day, the day, the day

Sunday, July 02, 2006

It's Post Hardcore Era!

Today is a post-hardcore genre of music era! People are stunned with this type of music nowadays! There are plenty of bands that exist in post-hardcore genre, whether international or local. The international bands such as Fugazi, Alexisonfire, Funeral For A Friend, At The Drive-In, Saosin, and plenty other bands from another country, are starting to make their band with post-hardcore genre. Also, those of the band has been the icon of post-hardcore itself to be a “different” icons for the teenage.

Well every era, has to be something to be dominate, like in the 1990’s era when Grunge are “exploding” in public with the existence of Nirvana, in Rock music industry. But is it post-hardcore, now could be as the same position as Grunge in the 1990’s? Well it could be happened if this genre is getting more and more popular to be listened and also watched.

The happening of post-hardcore genre in world’s music industry, has made the “indie” type of bands were getting more exist in the world. Their scream and whispered type of vocal, seems dominated the ear of teenagers in 2000’s. That is proven by the popularity of,, and other webzine that exist in indie scene in most of Western and Eastern countries, which are filled with the people with their interest in “cutting age” music’s. Their users are often writes at least one post-hardcore band in their favorite music (including me!). This phenomenon seems to be very happening and also beneficial to some media.

Most of my friend at school accepting that they like the post-hardcore, emo, metal, and other hardcore genre of music. Not only the boys, but some girls also have some interest about these genres. I wonder why people today are excited with “cutting edge” music’s? Is it because the media itself who dominated the scene, or maybe people today who like some kind of “distortion” in their life, which are represented with songs. Well, it looks like that every era must have the “different” scene that is dominating some people (which most of them are teenagers) that is connected with some type of lifestyle or interest in music. And they are also proud of it! Like the Metal happening in the 80’s, has absorbed many people who have interest in metal, hand made a lot of communities in their state and places. The genre of music that some point of views said that is full of contradictive, has also been a phenomenon genre until today.

Otherwise, the post-hardcore genre itself seems to be dominated by the independent scene. It’s truly worth! The dynamic and the “happening” of the independent scene in “cutting edge” music seems has influenced the development of “cutting edge” music itself. The culture that is based from the punk Do It Yourself (DIY) showed their true connection between the scenes itself and the psychology of teens, which interest in the innovative of lifestyle and culture dynamic. The media also supports new record labels, local or international to release their albums in “cutting age music” which is very supportive in indie scene in the world. They are seems to making their own market to the public.

Well, there has to be something that dominates every era because of the development of human (teenage, especially), and also the information technology. In this “pop” era, looks like everything’s are being “instant” to exist in the world. People can take reference from every thing, everyone, and anywhere they want, and act from what they want! In this era, only people who is innovative and creative who could rule the world!

Post Hardcore is one type of genre who has done it!

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