Friday, June 30, 2006

Guards in World Cup 2006

Do you often see the people with orange vest around the field in the World Cup Germany 2006 matches? Yes, they are the guards who taking care of security in football matches in World Cup 2006 in Germany. How pity they are! They must turn around to watch the activities of the crowds of the supporters to be secured, in spite seeing the match in the field. Well, at least they are the people who make every match in the World Cup 2006 secure and handled!


Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Independent Media in Indonesia

Pure Saturday and Rocket Rockers are the pioneers and scene setter of Indie band in Indonesia. Both of them, has been exist in Indonesia since the independent movement in Indonesia were developing in the 1990’s. Why I categorized these two bands as the pioneer beside the other senior bands that have existed before them? Because, beside these two bands are my favorite bands, these two bands has made a lot of movement in their scene, and a lot of development in independent scene in Indonesia. Both of them are from Bandung, The City of Flowers, which a lot of people claimed that the artists who came from there, has some kind of buried talent that could make a lot of innovations. The city which has the most prestigious Institute in Indonesia, which is ITB (Institut Teknologi Bandung / Bandung Technique Institution), are being an example for the other independent scene in other place in Indonesia. Let’s say the “distro” or “distribution outlet” that is dominated Bandung from the economical crisis era in 1997, until now. Each “distro” have their own community, which has their own characteristic and points of view. And we can found a lot of “distro”s in Bandung. How do they communicate each other, and made a scene setter? There should be some media, who can be the place of expressing their idealism, and promote their own stuff to the public. Or maybe I could say some “zine”, because of their “underground” idealism.

Well, from the reference that I took from Ripple Magazine, which the pioneer of printed Indie scene media is Trolley Magazine, Ripple Magazine has shown there existential in promoting the Indie movement in Bandung and also Indonesia. Although they were born from skateboarding and street communities in Bandung, their sellout Ripple Magazine has made a visible improvement in the quality and quantity to their independent scene, generally. The magazine that is filled with propagandas, and campaigns from local bands and products, has indirectly developed the Indonesian variety of music and lifestyle. The major labels that are only dominated with pop rock genre changed their mind to release other genres, from the people / bands who exist in Indie scene, such as Metal (Burger Kill, Sucker Head), Punk (Superman Is Dead, Rocket Rockers), Garage Rock (The Brandals, Speaker 1st), etc. Indie scene in Indonesia seems to have their own market and costumers, which is dominated by the teenagers who wants to be different to others. As the psychology of teens, which is very generous, thy just want to be different with others, and just want to make some kind of innovation to be a scene setter to their communities. This is totally being used as the independent media, to appreciate every creativities and innovation from their own communities to their own communities.

But, it looks like this independent medias were getting bigger and bigger, and more competent and competitive. The breeds of the independent media which were getting more variable, has also improves the variety of the independent media itself. The old types of independent media, which are from venues and gigs, have developed their new types and more efficient media, such as textbook, magazines, and webzine. Today, technology was getting cheaper, easier, and more reliable to get, and made a lot of improvements in the independent scene, especially in Indonesia. Bands who were usually do the hard work and spend a lot of money to promote their bands to get famous with the limited of media, now, is getting easier and also cheaper to be done with all the variety of media in the independent scene in our country.

As we know, media is a “tongue connection” between individual / corporal problems, facts, fictions, or information’s, to the public. A lot of artists and activist promote their talent, ability, or work to the public as the investment of their entrepreneurship. Media has been a vital thing in our life. Without media, maybe we didn’t who is the President of The United States of America now. Or how much cost of victims in Aceh’s Tsunami. Media itself also can drive people point of views. Now, working in media is one of the most prestigious jobs in Indonesia, seeing the geographical, politics, and economy problems that strike Indonesia. But besides resuming the problems in our country, there are still plenty of things that we can expose in media. How about the independent scene in Indonesia? Nowdays, the people who exist in independent scene in Indonesia are still need to be exposed, especially in secluded places in our country. Maybe we could found the hidden talent from our youth in the other side of our country. We are the positive thinking Youth Of The Nation!

I could categorize Ripple Magazine, and Webzine as the most famous independent media in Indonesia. You can check some reference from there!

There are still plenty of things that we can do to support the independent scene in Indonesia. You could be the one who active in Independent scene, or you could be the one who helps the activist of the independent scene, active in independent media. This is the place for us to improve our creativities and talent. It’s open for everybody!

Be creative and positive!

Friday, June 23, 2006

Class Meeting 2006: Final Day

The final day of Class Meeting 2006! Today is Friday. Beside “Friday I’m In Love” –The Cure-, this Friday which is 23rd of June 2006, were being celebrated the final day of the Sixty Six Class Meeting 2006. Today, the matches were competing full of Basketball matches. First was the Girls Basketball Final, and then continued with the Boys Basketball competition, and a friendly match between All-Star I and II (which contains the X and XI best basketball players) and All-Star III (the 2005 Sixty Six School team which the members are from the third class). Because this was the final day of the program, every matches that is being applied, were full of spectators. They were very enthusiast seeing every match.

I arrived at school at about 7.40 in the morning, and I suddenly heard the committee counting the number, 10 until one. Apparently the X-F Girls Basketball team has entered the main field of Sixty Six High School, and they were waiting for the opponent team, which is XI-IPS-II to enter the field. Until the count of 10, it looks like there was not appearing any response from the XI-IPS-II team side, which made the final round of the Girls Basketball Competition in the Class Meeting 2006, is being won by the X-F class! I was a bit furious at that time. Why the XI-IPS-II team didn’t take some responses for their final match that they both reached? Is it because the XI-IPS-II members of the team came late to the school? Or they just pour the match to the X-F class as their junior? The point is that, this is should not be happened again next time, because it really disappointing the spectators who has came early to watch the final match of the Girls Basketball competition (including Me). Well in the end, the first winner of the Girls Basketball competition in the Class Meeting 2006 is being given to the X-F class! The second winner is given to XI-IPS-II class and the third is given to the XI-IPS-I class! Congratulations to all the winners!

Girls Basketball Competition Result:
1st X-F
3rd XI-IPS-I

Next, the Boys Basketball competition was finally starts, with the first match between X-C and X-E. This two X class was apparently starting the first match of the day, after the WO action from XI-IPS-II class to X-F class in the Final round of Girls Basketball competition. This match also only made a few score, which still didn’t attract the spectators to see this first match. At the first round, the score was draw 0-0, and at the second round, X-E leads 2-0 from X-C until the end of the match. The second match was also not interesting. I could say that because XI-IPA-IV is lost in a WO action from XI-IPS-IV tremendously. It is because the XI-IPA-IV team didn’t show up until the committee finished counting the numbers of appearing until 10. But, apparently not about 2 minutes after the count is finished, suddenly 2 members of XI-IPA-IV team, which didn’t come before the counting, were coming in a very relax attitude. They don’t seem to be care about the match, and one of my friends beside me, who am an XI-IPA-IV student, has predicted it before. This is truly should not be happened, because besides disappointing the spectators, the team who got the winner, is not taken any challenge. X-G class to the XI-IPS-III class also does the WO action. I wonder, why there are a lot of teams who did the WO (Walk Out) today? I think it’s because there was a holiday in the last day, which is Thursday for celebrating the Farwell Party of third class.

Anyway, the next match was very interesting to watch. XI-IPA-II faced XI-IPA-III, and the crowds form IPA / Science class were entering the main field to see their team played. XI-IPA-II is fortunately leads the first and the second round of the match, which make them, passed to the next round. XI-IPA-III who lost from this match, were accepting the lost, in terms of keeping the sportive action of the match. This is a good example for other teams to be supportive with others.

Anyway, the next match was very interesting to watch. At the 4th match, XI-IPA-I was meeting X-A, and this was I can say the first stunning match of the day. XI-IPA-I was scoring for total 7 goals, which made 14 point for only total 10 minutes of match. Looks like XI-IPA-I were showing their professionalism to the viewers today, and as the class who dominated most of the Class Meeting 2006 Champions, at this Boys Basketball competition, XI-IPA-I then again made some kind of attractive performance to the spectators. At the first round, XI-IPA-I has leaded the game for 6-0 from the skill full attack by Cemil, and good performance from Mahmud. Then again in the second round of the match, XI-IPA-I seems hasn’t been satisfied by the score, as they dominate the match again by scoring another 4 goals, which represents 8 points for the team. And of course with the very corporate supporters who shouted for the name of their class, XI-IPA-I finally could win the match for 14-0 without giving any chance for the X-A class to present any score. This match was also the biggest victory point match, with zero point for the team who wins the game. Stunning!

At the 5th match of the day, I was finally taking part of myself joining the match with the XI-IPS-I Boys Basketball team. XI-IPS-I was meeting his neighbor, which is XI-IPS-II. I was being a defender at the match, because my team thinks that I got the tallest height at the team. The first round whistle is blown, and we were starting the match. I did only a few blocks to the opponent team, because the rest of it was an attacking development by XI-IPS-I. Raga Akbar did the first and the second score from his lay up, which changed the score, board from 0-0 into 4-0 for XI-IPS-I. But XI-IPS-II seems wants to challenged our team, as they made one goal to their team, which changed the scoreboard into 4-2 until the first whistle is blown. At the second round XI-IPS-I were being pressed by the same score 4-4, until the last three point shoot is represented by Vicky, which changed the scoreboard into 7-4 for XI-IPS-I, until the final whistle is blown by the referee. XI-IPS-I is qualified to the next round.

After the neighbor match between XI-IPS-I, and XI-IPS-II, the next match was also a neighbor match between XI-IPA-II VS XI-IPA-III. At the first round, XI-IPA-II is leaded the game for only scoring one goal and made 2 points for the team. At the second round, XI-IPA-III was scoring 2 goals and made 4 points, but still lose from XI-IPA-II who scored another 2 goals for the team. The final score of the match is 6-4 for the wining team from XI-IPA-II. And then, at the 7th match, XI-IPS-I then again was directly competing with the X-E class, which is has just won from X-C class on the first match. I can tell that X-E class has some very potential boys players, who can regenerate the Boys Basketball School at the next period. At the first round, Cule from X-E presented the first goal for their team, and than scoring another goal again. Until the first round finished, the scoreboard was written 6-0 for the X-E team. At the second round, out team can only scored one goal from Raga, and than being pushed again for 3 goals from X-E class. The score ended unequivocally 12-2 for the X-E team, and made them passed to the quarterfinal. Well, I hope this match could be some kind of lesson to be more corporate and communicate inside the team. Cheers and Beans!

The next match, XI-IPS-IV was against X-F, and the crowds seem to be increasing from this match. And the spectators who came to watch the match were also getting more enthusiasts. At the first round, the game was so tight, as the score between both of the team were draw 2-2. But when the second round started, XI-IPS-IV seems dominating the game, as finally they win after X-F for the score 6-2. And then at the 9th match, the crowd was finally showing the real action to the players, as the X-G team and XI-IPA-I team were entering the main field. They’re shouting each team names as their supporters. At the first round, both of team was playing a very tight round, as the score was draw 0-0. Seems that the XI-IPA-II supporters didn’t satisfied from the score, and they were keeping the crowds shouting their team name. When the second round is started, each player of each team seems to get motivated from the crowds that are being represented by the supporters. Wibi from XI-IPA-II presented the first goal to the team, and the supporters from XI-IPA-II are gone crazy! In the end, the scoreboard of the match reached 6-4 for the lead of XI-IPA-II, and made them went to the quarterfinal. X-G who lost from this match, were accepting the lost, in terms of keeping the sportive action of the match. This is a good example for other teams to be supportive with others.

As XI-IPA-I was entering the main field against X-D, the crowds were reaching their climax efforts. Each supporter was shouting his or her team’s name, whether it’s from the X class or from the XI class. Cemil who is from the XI-IPA-I scored the first goal of the match. The first round made the supporters went crazy! A lot of chance of scoring goals that couldn’t be finished by both of the team, especially for the XI-IPA-I supporters. They took a lot of part of making the game more interesting. At the second round, the players seem getting more motivated from this game. The game finally being won by the XI-IPA-I class! This came could be described as the most watched game of the day!

As the XI-IPS-IV class and X-E were entering the field, competing for the final round of the Boys Basketball Competition, the crowds were finally calmed down, after the tight match between XI-IPA-II and X-D. Mikha from XI-IPS-IV scored the first goal for the team, but with the struggle and patient of the X-E team who also searching for the final round, Cule from the X-E team could score their first goal, and chance the score into 2-2 until the end of the first round. At the second round of the match, both of the team was competing each other very strong and tight. But finally, the better team work from the XI-IPS-IV class made them wins the game for 8-6 at the end of the second round. The performance from Bokir and Roki, were dominating the XI-IPS-IV team to get the position of the final round of the competition.

At the other semifinal match, XI-IPA-I were facing XI-IPA-II. This match was also attracting a lot of spectators which was dominating a lot of games, which are the spectators from XI-IPA-I and XI-IPA-II themselves. When both of the team were entering the main field of the Sixty Six High School, the supporter were supporting each team by shouting their favorite team name. When the first round whistle from the referee is blown, both of the team was ambitiously scoring goals each others. Dinan from XI-IPS-II class was scoring the first goal of the match. But it didn’t take a long time to the XI-IPA-I class to reply the goal for the team. Rezz was scoring the first goal to his team which is XI-IPA-I, and then continued by Mahmud, that changed the scoreboard into 4-2 for the XI-IPA-I class until the end of the first round. At the gap between the first and the second round of the match, both of the team supporters were giving their motivating crowds to their supporting team.

See the crowds of the match!

As the referee was blowing his whistle, the second round of the match started. The second match went very tight to both of the team. The well arranged formation from XI-IPA-II, were competing with the superior players from the XI-IPA-I. The game went very tight that at the end of the match, the scoreboard only written a draw score 6-6, and the referee must decided a free throw match. This free throw match was very interesting and tempting to all the players and spectators. Fortunately, this free throw match was appearing 15 total free throws from both of the team! Maybe I could describe this moment with the list of the free throw:

1st Wibi from XI-IPA-II missed!
2nd Yoga from XI-IPA-I missed!
3rd Toreh from XI-IPA-II missed!
4th Cemil from XI-IPA-I missed!
5th Ade from XI-IPA-II missed!
6th Rezz from XI-IPA-I missed!
7th Dinan from XI-IPA-II missed!
8th Usama from XI-IPA-I missed!

9th Ade from XI-IPA-II missed!
10th Mahmud XI-IPA-I missed!
11th Wibi from XI-IPA-II missed!
12th Yoga from XI-IPA-I missed!
13th Toreh from XI-IPA-II missed!
14th Cemil from XI-IPA-I missed!
15th Ade from XI-IPA-II scored!

Finally, the game won by XI-IPA-II at the 15th shot, which is from Ade Afrian. The supporters were directly running inside the field, celebrating the winner of the match! This was a very dramatis zing match! The spectators seems satisfied from the final score of the game, which is 7-6 for the XI-IPA-II team, which leaded to the final round facing XI-IPS-IV.

After the match is done, there was a delay for a few times for preparing the All Star Team (which is the best team, which contains the best basketball player in school) which is divided into 2 teams: All Star I & II, and All Star III. The members of the All Star I & II are the best players from the X and the XI class, and the members of the All Star III team are the ex-school basketball team players from the 3rd class. This match was the debut match between the school generations, and surely grabbed a lot of spectators. The game was divided into separated two rounds. The first round played after the semifinal match, and the second round played after the 3rd and the 4th champion of the competition. The first round was being an interesting game, and this first round is the biggest score made from the competition. It represented 19-18 for the All Star III team, with all the team work, passion, and patient from both of the team. They scored plenty of goals. Interesting!

After the first round of the All Star match, the competition has came into the 4th and the 3rd champion of Boys Basketball competition which is represented by the XI-IPA-I class and X-E class. The first round was leaded by the X-E team for the score 6-4. But it was easy to XI-IPA-I to lead the game after the lesser score in the first round. With the skillful player like Cemil and the powerful player like Mahmud, has made the game are more interesting. XI-IPA-I was easily lead the game and wins with the score unequivocally 15-8. XI-IPA-I got the 3rd champion and X-E got the 4th champion of the Boys Basketball Competition. Congratulation to both of the winners!

Before the final match played, the second round of the All Star match, were continue to play. Both of the team seems was very tight against each other. But somebody has to be the winner, and fortunately the All Star III team wins the game with the most points of the day, 29-24. Both of the team players seems enjoying the game very much, at least for being a friendly match. After the game was finished, the players were looking very friendly each other. The senior team seems very open to their juniors to share some information together. They could recommend the best position to each player to be chosen as the next year school team. Well, this Class Meeting 2006 was also used as the media for searching the talented student in sport to be the school candidate, text term. That’s fabulous!

Finally, the final match of the Boys Basketball Competition in Class Meeting 2006 was getting closer to come. The spectators, who have waited for a long time for the final round, will saw the final moment of the end of the Boys Basketball Competition, and also the last match of the Class Meeting 2006 who has been going on for total 4 days. But the Adzhan of Dzuhur on Friday leaded us to go to the mosque together, to do the Shalat Jumaah / Shalat Jumat. Every Shalat Jumat, there is a “Khatib” who have some “Khatbah” or speech about religion and daily life. At that Khatbah, the Khatib was giving the speech about taking care of children. He describes about the dangers the environment now days in this daily life, and we must often watch our children to not entering the bad environment. After then the shalat began, and we were straightly going back to school to prepare the final match of the Boys Basketball competition.

When I arrived at school with the Rohis students, which are the students who join the Rohani Islam / Muslim School Club from the mosque, the basketball players from each team who reached the final round, has entered the main field. XI-IPS-IV class was facing XI-IPA-II class, and the crowd was finally seating around the main field, to watch the game. The first whistle has being blown, and a person from each team, did the jump ball, chasing the first ball. Looks like XI-IPA-II team, were being pushed by the XI-IPS-IV offense. The first round of the game are dominated by the XI-IPS-IV class, as the score at the first round reached 10-2. The long shots from the XI-IPA-II team seem cannot lead the scoreboard from the XI-IPS-I. The second round were started, and the XI-IPA-II team was struggling to lead the score, but the strong defense and better team work from the XI-IPS-I class, made them must bend their knees to the lead of XI-IPS-IV. In the end, XI-IPS-IV won the game after XI-IPA-II, with the end of the score unequivocally 16-6. I think as the final round of the match, the spectators seems didn’t as enthusiast as the semifinal round. Maybe it’s because of the lack of both of their supporter’s team. But, again, I could say that this is an interesting final game, because, they scored plenty of goals. And don’t forget, congratulation for XI-IPS-IV as the first champion of Boys Basketball competition! And for XI-IPA-II, don’t feel ashamed, it’s just a game. There should be anybody who gets the winner! OK!

Results of the Boys Basketball Competition winners:
3rd XI-IPA-I
4th X-E

Well finally this Class Meeting 2006 was finally over! As an amateur reporter who reports this kind of program, I can describe The Most Dominating Class Team of the Class Meeting 2006, which is XI-IPA-I! Congratulation! XI-IPA-I, got the first winner on the most competition in the Class Meeting 2006, which are Tarik Tambang, Panco, and Girls Futsal. Also, I could describe as The Most Potential Class in the Class Meeting 2006 is X-F class! Bravo! X-F class has shown their totality in participation of the Class Meeting 2006 school program. As the X class, I could see their potential from getting the most winning from the XI class. And X-F also got the first winner of Girls Basketball and the second winner of Girls Futsal. Congratulation! At last I could describe the Most Supportive Spectators. And the winners are all the supporters of XI-IPA-I!!! Yeah! Why I choose XI-IPA-I supporters? Because they are the most corporative supporters of the competition. They are the only supporters who prepared lots of yells to supports their team at the field. And they are the only supporters who brought some pompoms to the match! Cool!

Finally, I personally would like to describe that, this competition is quite interesting, and succeeded to attract a lot of viewers. Classes who joined the competition were also very supportive, and appreciative. Especially the talented players when they took action on the field. But I think it would be better if the committee can arranged the schedule clearer to the participant and the spectators. Because, I saw a lot of happening plan and action on the field, such as the schedule of the program, which didn’t being shown in the field and only relied on direct communication. The committee should be careful about this, because, if there are some missed communication between the arrangement and the public, it could be there was no one who saw the match.

Second, it’s about documentation. As the “external” reporter of the Class Meeting 2006, I didn’t show any care of documentation in the field. The documentation team from the School Organization / OSIS, seems didn’t care to document their own program that has they arranged seriously. For example, the team who took care of the competition didn’t document the result of the winner for each competition. This is actually made the committee had difficulties to know exactly the winner of each competition. Hopefully, as an “external” documentation, I documented some of the event of each competition in this blog! So I can help them to give them the documentation list of the winners, and I suggested them to visit to see the interesting event at the match.

Well, I hope this Class Meeting 2006 could be a media for sharing the experience of competition between each other, and always pointing the positive side of attitude and behavior in the field. Share some good example to others!

See you next time! Cheers and Beans! (Thanks to Al a.k.a Ucay)

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Class Meeting 2006: Day 3

Day three of the Class Meeting 2006! Today, there are Boys Futsal, Lari Berpasangan (running with a rope tightened up to each two persons group), and Girls Basketball. The crowd was still standing until the last match pf each competition. The dominant competition today is the Girls Basketball competition, which is never got fewer spectators. Today’s competition started a bit late, for about 30 minutes after 7.30 in the morning.

The first competition, were continuing the Boys Futsal match which has reached semi final. The first match always an interesting match, because people who were coming earlier always wanted to get satisfied from the first action of the team. XI-IPA-IV met XI-IPS-3 at the first match and this was an interesting game, competing between a science class and a social class. Rian from XI-IPA-IV presented the 1st goal, and being quickly replied by a XI-IPS-3 goal. XI-IPA-IV didn’t give up just yet, and a goal from Beler changed the score into 2-1 for XI-IPA-IV. They seems didn’t get enough satisfy from the score and made Rian scored one more goal for XI-IPA-IV. The scored ended 3-1 for XI-IPA-IV and made to the final round. As the second match begun, XI-IPS-I (my class!) was against X-D, and made a “must seen” game. XI-IPS-I team which most of the player were joining Futsal extracurricular, must bent up their knee to the X-D team. X-D defeated XI-IPS-I with the score 2-1 after doing a very tight match. X-D team leaded 2-0 at the first match and XI-IPS-I only can make one goal by Fiqhi at the second match. Score ended 2-1 for X-D, and faced XI-IPA-IV at the final.

Before the 3rd and 4th Boys Futsal champion match, I was being attracted to go to the Lari Berpasangan competition where held in the front yard of the school. Looks like the stadium has been built with a very simple attribute. Only 3 stranded rope from plastic which is ranged for about 1 meter wide, and a “Start” and a “Finished” writing from “kapur”, which is a writing tool from solid calcium. But this competition was also an interesting competition. Each team contains of two people, and one of each people’s feet was being tightened up with a plastic rope and we must walk back and forth from Start until the Finish line. For the group who touch the stranded plastic rope two times, is being disqualified by the committee. I didn’t see the full match of this competition. I was at the main field watching the Boys Futsal when the Lari Berpasngan competition started. As I know, the first winner of this competition was from XI-IPA-II. Congratulation!

Back to the main field, fortunately, the Boys Futsal match for seizing the 3rd and 4th position has been started. XI-IPS-I was against XI-IPS-III. At the first round, both of the team didn’t scored any goal, and attract the supporters to see the second round. A goal from Chepy from XI-IPS-I changed the scoreboard into 1-0, until the ended match the referee is blowing whistle. XI-IPS-I finally got the 3rd champion, and XI-IPS-III got the 4th champion of Boys Futsal Competition.

The final match finally came. XI-IPA-IV competed against X-D, and the viewer seems very enthusiastic seeing the match. Both of them appeared with the same amount of crowds. The first kick was applied, and XI-IPA-IV seems dominating the match. At the first round, XI-IPA-IV team has made two goals, which is from Herland and Alfindo. At the second round, as usual, XI-IPA-IV still didn’t satisfy with the score that made them scoring another goal from a long shoot from Rian. The well corporate team from XI-IPA-IV has made them received the 1st champion of the Boys Futsal competition after an unequivocally winning 3-0 from X-D which is got the 2nd champion. Two thumbs for XI-IPA-IV!

As the Boys Futsal competition was over, the committee was directly chance the main field into a basketball field. Well, fortunately, the main field of Sixty Six High School is very multifunctional. All the activities of sports are often applied at the field. The field is also has been drawing a basketball, volley, and badminton line of rules, which made us able to play those kinds of sports. It also available a pair of basketball rings in each side of the field. With this multifunctional field, we can celebrate all kind of outdoor activities such as doing art performance (bands, dances, gigs, venues) or doing a religious performance also (PENSIL/Pentas Seni Islam, dll). It can be concluded that this multifunctional field is really beneficial to our school activities, although it’s still can be categorized as a medium sized of field.

Finally, the Girls Basketball competition is started in the main field. At the first match, XI-IPS-I team is faced XI-IPS-III team. This first match didn’t take many scores for each team. The score was draw 2-2, which is only happened one score from each team. The referee must decide a free throw match that each person of the team must do the free throw. For the team who get the most points wins. Finally the free throw was only score I point for XI-IPS-I who is from Nisya. XI-IPS-I won after XI-IPS-III. At the second match X-F met XI-IPA-I (as the same match as the final Girls Futsal Competition). Looks like the members of each teams contains with almost the same members of their Futsal team. Persons like Shiva from XI-IPA-I and partners Riska and Mita from X-F was also joining the Girls Basketball Competition. As the second match begun, Riska was straightly scoring the first score for X-F with a lay up. It is straightly being replied by XI-IPA-I with their first goal. But it didn’t take a long time for X-F to reply another 2 goals to the XI-IPA-I basketball ring. XI-IPA-I then again made another score from a shoot form Elsa. Look like XI-IPA-I team was struggling so hard to score another goal for their team. X-F then easily replied another goal for their team. The referee blown the first round whistle to the match, and the temporary score is 8-4 for the X-F side. As the second round started, X-F team seems dominating the match much more. A goal from Mita, and a goal from Riska changed the score into 12-4 for X-F. XI-IPA-I side of the team seems cannot chance the scoreboard anymore that made X-F wins the game and pass to the next round. This is the first interesting match of the Girls Basketball competition in Class Meeting 2006.

The next 2 matches, which is X-A VS X-G and XI-IPA-II VS X-B was also a less goal matches. X-A VS X-G presented a goal score 2-2 (one goal for each team) and made a free throw match that is being won by X-A. XI-IPA-II VS X-B was draw 0-0 and also made a free throw match that is being won by X-B. But when X-D VS XI-IPA-IV match started, the crowds were increasing enthusiastly, as the X-D fortunately wins the match with unequivocally scores 18-0! This is the biggest winning score of the competition! Rayi, as the attacker from X-D team class presented all the score for their team, and of course with the well corporate team from X-D class, they would receive the win.

The next match has reached the quarterfinal, and the first quarterfinal match is between XI-IPS-I and X-C. At this time, XI-IPS-I won after X-C from the two long shots goals from Reni at the second round match. The score ended 4-0 to the XI-IPS-I side. Second, X-F was against X-A. This is also an interesting match to be seen, and then again X-F was dominating the match from the first and the second round. At the first round, X-F leaded 2-0 from X-A, and the X-A team seems struggling facing the X-F team (as usual). At the second round, a goal from Mita closed the final score 4-0 for the X-F side and X-A team must be eliminated from the competition.

The third round of the quarterfinal, X-B was meeting a strong team XI-IPS-II who is powered with Indie and Elen. At the first round, the match was draw 2-2, but at the second round, XI-IPS-II seems dominating the match very well. Elen was scoring 1 goal, and Indie, who is have a lot of supporters from the viewers, scored 4 skilled goals for the team, which made XI-IPS-I lead the game with the score 12-2 until the end of the match.

The forth round of the quarterfinal, X-D VS X-E and have made an interesting game also. These two X class seems to have some potential in sports. Both of the have the same level of skill and the same level of corporation, which made both of them, had a very tight match. The scoreboard ended 10-10! The spectators won’t leave every second of the match, included myself. As the first round whistle is blown, X-E was straightly scoring the first goal of the match. And then continued with a goal from X-D. And than another goal from X-E. And another one from X-E. And then X-D replied for another goal. And then another goal from X-D. First match whistle are blown. First match score are 6-6! And then the second match began. Both of team was harsh fully scoring another goals. Until the final whistle is blown, the ended score reached 10-10! The free throw match must apply. The supporters were in tense of restraining. Finally, X-D leads the score wins for only 11-10 with only one free throw succeeded from the team. This would lead them to go to semi final.

Going to the next match, the X-F team was meeting XI-IPS-I (my class!) for competing the semifinal round of the Girls Basketball competition. At the first round, Nisya from XI-IPS-I was scoring the first goal of the match. But it didn’t take a long time to the X-F team to pass the score. Two goals from Riska, ended the first round with the score 4-2 for X-F. At the second round, as usual, X-F was dominating the game again. Mita was scoring the first goal in the second round of the match. Continued with 2 goals again by Riska with their well corporate team, as I can say again. X-F finally won the quarterfinal match againts XI-IPS-I. I could say that X-F is the most potential class of all the X class who were joining this Class Meeting 2006. Keep the good work!

Finally, the last match of the day! A semifinal match between XI-IPS-II and X-D! This match I could say the most interesting, attractive, and a “must watch” match! In this match, the score that each team made was very tight! We as the viewers couldn’t predict anything about this game until the game is finished. At the first round, I could say this game is 50-50, but there should be anyone who gets the winner. Maybe I would describe this match into points:

# 1st round ended 8-4 for the X-D team.

# 2nd round whistle are blown.
1st score X-D: 4-10
2nd score XI-IPS-II: 6-10
3rd score X-D: 6-12
4th score XI-IPS-II: 8-12
5th score XI-IPS-II: 10-12
6th score X-D: 10-14
7th score XI-IPS-II: 12-14
8th score XI-IPS-II: 14-14
# 2nd round whistle are blown. Ended the second round match! Score draw 14-14!

XI-IPS-II is dominating the second round very much after being leaded 8-4 from the X-D team. The referee must decide the free throw match between others. X-D was scoring 1 goal, and XI-IPS-II was scoring 2 goals!

See the free throw of Rayi from X-D!

See the free throw of Indie from XI-IPS-II!

Score ended very tight 16-15 for XI-IPS-II. I could say that this match was very climax from today’s match! The spectators were also satisfied from the result of the match!

Don’t miss the Final Day of the Class Meeting 2006 at 23rd of June 2006 at Sixty Six High School! There will be the Final Match of Girls Basketball Competition, The Boys Basketball Competition, and All-Star Competition, which include the 3rd class!

Keep watching!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Class Meeting 2006: Day 2

Today is a “Gibol” / “Gila Bola” / “Football Crazy” day. It’s not because today is a World Cup 2006 day, but today in Sixty Six Class Meeting 2006, all the contestant of were competing each other in football. Boys and girls were taking part of this competition. Well, although the spectators were a bit lesser then tomorrow, but the crowd still did not decreasing. Today’s matches are for the football lovers only. We were competing Girls Futsal, Panco (Arm Wrestling), and Boys Futsal today. And the crowd still stands until the last minute of every match.

At about 8.00 AM, the competition began with the Girls Futsal, continued from the first day which has not been finished. Today’s Girls Futsal was entering the semifinal competition. The first match were competing the X-D class VS XI-IPA-I class. This first match was a tough match, with the score end 2-1 for XI-IPA-I. Shiva gave the first and the second goal to XI-IPA-I, from her directed long shots, and one goal from X-D is by Faiza. Second match is, between X-F VS XI-IPS-III, and ended with the score 2-1 also. The first penalty kick of the day is given to XI-IPS-III class, which is being finished gratefully by Helen, which changed the score into 1-0. But this position didn’t stand for a long time, because the X-F class were have better strategy and changed the score into 2-1, from Fanny and Riska, which was very organized goal. This win of X-F leaded them to go to final match. At the third match, X-A class was facing XI-IPA-1. This match was also a tough match that made the referee decided a penalty round. The score took 3-2 for the XI-IPA-I class. This position, leaded XI-IPA-I class facing X-F in final round.

Before the forth match begun, I suddenly attracted to go to the front yard of Sixty Six, watched Panco (Arm Wrestling) matches. Wow, this competition, could be described a new competition, base from the last Class Meeting 2005, which didn’t exist. A student from every classes were chosen to be the candidate of Panco match, and the candidates are mostly have a strong type of physics (of course lahh..). But does anyone know, where are the first Panco matches begun in Indonesia? Or at least, why Arm Wrestling in Indonesia is being describe as Panco? Anyway, Panco match was also tough, and full of spectators. But I think the spectators didn’t as crowded as Futsal matches. Maybe because their themselves had some mercy with the participant. I thought about it too also. Why did the committee arrange a competition that only contain one person, and only depended on the muscle. At least, think about a Chess competition, which only a smart people who could be the champion. Chess is also a sport right? By the way, this competition was also interesting to see, and made a lot of spectators. This competition also went fast because each candidate only given two rounds of Panco, which is each round only spend about 10 seconds. The first winner of this competition is from XI-IPA-1, which is Usama, as the candidate, and the second winner is from XI-IPA-4, which is Alfindo. Both of them are from IPA / Science Class, which proves that, science class students is not only superior at the subjects, but also superior at physical sports. Nice!

Back to the Girls Futsal match, the forth match is the match for choosing the 3rd and the 4th champion of Girls Futsal Match. This match was between X-A and XI-IPS-III. Helen made to chance the score into 1-0 for the XI-IPS-III team, from her long shot from the center of the field, which stands into the end of the game. XI-IPS-III were given the 3rd position of the competition, and X-A were given the 4th.

Finally the judgment day came when X-F team class, and XI-IPA-I class entered the main field. The crowd was shouting enthusiasticly until the match begun. The match was very tough that, each team won’t give any chance to each other. Shiva, and her teammates were striking offensively, and at the other side, Riska, Mita, and her teammates were attacking decisively. The first match didn’t give each team any score. As the second match begun, each team was attacking each other to at least score some goal. Once there had a foul that seems cause a serious injured to person from X-F team from a person from XI-IPA-I team, the crowds were increasing harsh fully. No score that is being scored by each team, which made the referee decided a penalty round. At the penalty, round, the crowds were entering the field intentionally, which made the referee, must calmed the spectators first before the match is begun. The first kick from XI-IPA-I, is being taken by Shiva, which is didn’t make any score, which made the XI-IPA-I class supporters were stressed out, and hope for the next kick. First kick from X-F, is taken by Riska, and made a score to X-F side, which made the X-F class supporters were exposing their happiness. This Final Round was very dramatis zing, and finally X-F must give in the first champion to XI-IPA-I with the final score of penalty round 4-3 to XI-IPA-I. The crowds were very satisfied with this result.

Girls Futsal Result:
2. X-F
4. X-A

As, the over of Girls Futsal competition, the match were immediately continued with the Boys Futsal competition. At this competition, the boys were competing in Futsal, as the girls did before, but the different is, the girls use an ordinary soccer ball, which is made from rubber and artificial leather, and the boys use plastic balls. This kind of decision made for preventing further injury for the boys, because, boys usually have more “spirit" of playing football than girls. But, this kind of decision is also decreased the accuracy of shooting, because plastic balls are usually have light weight, and lack of construction (plastic balls are usually sold 5.000 until 10.000 Rupiah each / same like 50 cents until 1 US$). But it also made the game more interesting, because despite the accuracy, the players must also have patients, to score the ball in to the goal post.

At the First match at the Boys Futsal Competition, is held by X-A class VS X-B class. This match was also attractive which is still in a victory atmosphere of Girls Futsal. Both of them were very tight, which made them entered the penalty round. The penalty score ended 2-0 for X-A that made them pass to the next round. Second match, is the match between science and social class, XI-IPA-I VS XI-IPS III. The score ended 1-1 as both of the score are from the penalty kick, the referee made a penalty match to both teams, which is won by XI-IPS-III class. As the next match begun, X-G were losing after XI-IPS-2 for score 1-3, and than continued by the two science rival, XI-IPA-IV VS XI-IPA-III, which is being won by XI-IPA-IV for 2-1. As the fifth match of the day, XI-IPS-IV was facing the junior X-E. This is also a tough match, and X-E team, seems dominating the match, as they won 1-0 from the goal shoot by Irfan.

Junior beats Senior. That’s a usual view of sportive competition.

The sixth match is between XI-IPS-I (my class!) VS X-C was also an interesting match to see. Two goals that are represented to the XI-IPS-I class are based on the skills of the players that they have, covered with strong strategy and good communication. The first goal, scored by Chepy as he scores “Ronaldo look-a-like” type of goal. The second goal was from Syafiul’s heading, from using the beautiful long pass from Fahmi. The team won 2-0 from X-C and passed to the next round. The seventh match, X-F met XI-IPA-II, and the match was also attract a lot of supporters as the XI-IPA-II team won after X-F, with a very unequivocally score 3-0. The goals are taken from, Dinan, Wibi, and Fachri, that leads the team to the next round. And than, X-B met XI-IPS-III, which is being won by XI-IPS-I.

As the sun kept increasing the heat, it’s also affected the players who play at the last match of the day. The tenth match, is a quarter final match between XI-IPA-II VS X-D. This was a tough match and it attracted a lot of viewers, as the last match of the day. With the stamina pumped, and patient tested the match has turned a bit emotionally to other side. As the match draw 1-1 at the first round, at the last second of the second round, X-D finally scored a goal with a long shoot, which made X-D enter the semi final round. XI-IPA-II seems to be a bit emotional at the match that made them didn’t pass the quarterfinal match.

That’s all for today’s update for Sixty Six Class Meeting 2006! Tomorrow will be held the Final Boys Futsal, and the Basketball Competition!

See you tomorow!

Monday, June 19, 2006

Class Meeting 2006: Day 1

Today, our school (Sixty Six High School) made a reunion program called Class Meeting 2006, which is held in our own school. This program is continued for 4 days total and involved all member of the school. This Class Meeting 2006 is like a farwell activities to celebrate our graduation to go to the next class, and for the third class is for the last farwell activities with their juniors. These activities are more physical than mental. We celebrate our farwell with doing some positive activities by making a school competition, which divided into classes, and at this Class Meeting, we were only arranged for sport competitions, which expressed class unity and corporation.

"We had 6 types of sport competition that we arranged at this Class Meeting 2006, which is:
1. Basketball
2. Outdoor Futsal (Outdoor Soccer with Indoor Soccer rules) Girls and Boys
3. Badminton
4. Tarik Tambang (Pulling a Rope on each side)
5. Arm Werstling
6. Lari Berpasangan (Running with one of each couples feet tightened up, to enter the finish line),
and the competition will be held for 4 days continue.", said Galuh, the organizer of the Class Meeting Program 2006.
"The purpose of this program, is to show our unity and give us the spirit of solidarity between the students, and I hope this program can turn into some kind of positive actions to the students." add Galuh.

Well actually, this is an annual school program that at the end of school year, we always celebrate our farwell to do some kind of positive activities, in terms for filling the gap between the day we finish our school year and the day we recive the school report, that this time will be held in the 1st of July 2006. But todays activities will be different form the past, because now there is a person who were very enthusiasticly make some documentation about the program!

We had 3 activities, in the morning, which is Tarik Tambang, Badminton, and Futsal for Girls. The first activity is Tarik Tambang. It held in front of the school yard, and it was is very attractive, because every class candidate were showing their strength to pull the rope each other, to past the line which has been set before. The winner is the team, who have the most high stamina of pulling the rope, inspite the team works. This competition was very attractive, which made me stuck on every match. Classes from every role and status were competing each other very enthusiasticly. The most interesting matches that I can describe are the match between XI-IPA-II VS X-F, XI-IPS-II VS XI-IPA-IV, and XI-IPA-II VS XI-IPS-II, which had the longgest match that spend more than 10 seconds (which means that they were wery tight each teams). I would choose Febri from XI-IPS-II, as The Man of the Competition, because he could wins his team class, 2 times from the tough match between X-F and XI-IPA-4, altough his class didn't past to he final round. Finally, the final round between XI-IPA-I VS XI-IPS-IV were
took a lot of attentions from the spectators, and it was a very tough match that finally, took a result to the XI-IPA-I who got the first winner.

Result of Tarik Tambang:

As the start of Tarik Tambang, The Badminton competition were also started in the main school field. Because, I was stun saw the Tarik Tambang match, I could only documented the semifinal, and the final match . At Semifinal, my class, which is XI-IPS-I were lost from the X-F class (I wonder why the X-F students were very good at sport?), and made a final match between X-F and XI-IPA-IV. The first trophy is taken by the X-F student with the winning score 10-7, continued by XI-IPA-IV at second, and XI-IPS-I at third. I could choose Adhi "Maman" Rismanda as the best player, because he was dominating most of the match, and did a lot of fans calling his nick name.

Result of Badminton:
1. X-F
3. XI-IPS-I (my class!)

After the Badminton competition, the commitees were rearanged the main field as a Futsal field, which is almost the same as soccer field. The Girls Futsal started when the sun was very bright, and the first match is X-G VS XI-IPS-III. XI-IPS-III was dominating the match, which made them won 2-1 from X-G. The first match, always an interesting match. The second match, was the most visited match between XI-IPA-I and XI-IPA-II, which most of the players were joining the futsal extracurricular, and has won a lot of futsal throphy at school competitions. This second match was very thight, and each team won't giving any chances to each other to score any goal, which lead them to the penalty round, because of the final score 0-0. Finally, the match is being won by XI-IPA-I, with the penalty score 3-1. So, the XI-IPA-II are disqualified, and XI-IPA-I are past to the next match. Congratulations to the XI-IPA-I.

At the third match, X-F class faced XI-IPA-4. This match was also an attractive match seeing Riska and Mita from X-F were developing some offense and defense, that lead them 3-1 from XI-IPA-IV. I think both of them have had some experience at futsal before, or they were joining the futsal extracurricular, which made them comunicate well at the match. Riska scored 2 times and Mita scored 1 time. That will lead the team to experience the next round. At the forth match, XI-IPS-II met XI-IPS-III, and the match was being dominated by the XI-IPS-III by scoring one goal that made the won after XI-IPS-II.

The unwanted heat in the afternoon, made todays activities were being stopped, and will continue tomorow morning. Tomorow, will be competing the end of Girls Futsal, Arm Wrestling, and Boys Futsal.
"It will also including the third class contestant." said the Chief.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

School Trip: Day 2

At the second day, which was the most tired day at the trip, we went to place like The Artificial Insemination Institute at Lembang, West Java (place for doing artificial insemination for cows), to "Gua Pakar" at Taman Hutan Raya, Ir. Juanda, Bandung (which is a cave that was being used by the Dutch as a place for saving amunition at the colonization era, and one of famous Dutch inheritance in Bandung.), to The Geology Museum at Jalan Diponegoro, and the last is went shopping at Dago, and Cihampelas.

6.00 AM, Went up from bed.
I got up a bit late this morning, because of the late night sleep last night. I had a bad sleep last night, because of the unstopable flu that stroke most of room mate, included me. I wonder why so many people had a terrible flu last night. By the way, I sraightly went praying Subuh, in my little room, and than took a shower. When I was taking a shower, one of my room mate was playing an Saosin song "I Can Tell" from his N-Gage, which made me and my friend outside the bathroom sang along together. Well, nowdays, emo is one of the genre which is very popular, especially in teenagers. We would often see, at least one emo song in teenage handphone or mp3 player. Actually, they only played a simple guitar riff, covered with sad pitch (or screaming) of vocal, but, I wonder why so many people just loved it and enjoyed it. Stunning!

After I took a shower, I started to got up my friends in other room, which were still asleep, because of the late night sleep also. Last night was a very interesting night that we slept in the hotel. You now, that in most stars hotels, were available an intercom phone calls, which every body can call anyone in the hotel by just dialing the number of the room. Me and my friends just did that to make fun with others. We called somebody's room and just make a joke with it. We were not afraid did that, because people from or school were the most visitors at Mutiara Hotel, at that time. But, one of my friend actually made a wrong call and being picked up by a people with an Arabian language! Well, it was very fun night!

8.00 AM, Depart from Mutiara Hotel to The Artificial Insemination Institution, at Lembang
After we had breakfast at the hotel, we went to the The Artificial Insemination Institution which the place for doing artificial insemination for cows. This trip, actually dedicated to the science student to do reasearch about the artificial insemination, especially for cows. But, the social student also have some important informatoin about the implementation of artificial insemination in Indonesia.

When we visit the institution, our feet must be sterilized by dipping our shoes in some puddle. This action, is to prevent the unwanted bacteria, or dirt that stuck in our shoes. The science class student, got the first term to visit, and than followed by the social class.

You know, apparently most of meats from cows in Indonesia, actually are the result of implementing artificial insemination. This is the center place for doing artificial insemination for cows in Indonesia. Cows which is available in here, were actually the best choosen cows from the farmers, which was being trusted by its heir. Its true, the success of breeding a good cow, is base from its family connection. Cows must not reproduce with other cows which has a family relationship, because it will have the same ... and cause a physical defect that will produce a much smaller cows. That's why cows at the institution were very big and heathy! It's almost the same like human. If we get married with people which have family connection, it would cause some
physical defect to our heir. Cows at the institution, were given some healthy food, multivitamin, and some routine excercise every day, to make a good potential for heir.

Artificial insemination for cows, is by taking the male sperm and being transfered to the female by injection. A male can reproduce almost 2 billion sperm every ejaculating, but only about 1-2 million potential sperm which can be reproduce. Sperms that has been taken, are being save in the fridge, and than being sold each pippet (about 25.000 active sperms) to all different states in Indonesia. These sperms were very potential to reproduce a good and heathy cows, all over Indonesia, and each pippet were distributed to different places in Indonesia, to prevent the same offspring to the cows. Until now, artificial insemination is the best system that is implemented in Indonesia, to fulfil the people needs of meat.

10.00 Depart from The Artificial Insemination Institution to Taman Hutan Raya
After we visited The Artificial Insemination Institution in Lembang, we went to Taman Hutan Raya, the place for the site of Gua "Pakar" / "Pakar" Cave, at Jalan Ir. Juanda, Bandung. The site at Taman Hutan Raya is divided into two part:
1. Gua "Pakar" / "Pakar" Cave / Gua Belanda, which is one of Dutch colonize inheritance.
2. Gua Jepang / Japanese Cave, which is one of Japanese colonize inheritance.
This site is surrounded with Pinus Trees and have very beautiful views of hills and mountains. From the site, we also can see a waterfall from the hillside. We should go downhill to reach two of the cave.

First, we visited the Japanese Cave. This cave was actually built at 1942, when Japan was colonizing Indonesia. This cave was built for the shelter of defense for the Japanese troops. This cave is very dark, and we must have, at least a flashlight go explore what's inside the cave. This cave is never been added any lighting. But you don't have to worry, because a lot of people outside the cave were offering (or maybe giving and paying) some rental flashlight. Until now, we still don't know, what's the purpose of the Japanese, making the cave. We could tell that this cave is small, because the Japanese stopped the construction and leave Indonesia. This cave is also have a lots of ventilation.

For about 400 m from the Japanese Cave, we can see "Pakar" Cave, which built in 1918 by the Dutch. This cave is actually have lighting instalation, but I think now it's not being reinstalled, which make this cave is also very dark like the Japanese Cave (or maybe it goes intentionaly like this to make profit for the flashlight service). These two caves were very dark and humid which made me a bit uncomfortable visit these two sites. "Pakar" Cave were used by the Dutch for military base, jail, place for saving amunition, and the water electric resource. A little cave not far and above the main cave, is the place for the guard post. This cave is actually wider than the Japanese Cave, and inside it, we still can find an old radio transmitter inside the cave. In one path, we can also see the railway at the cave's surface.

After we went out from Taman Hutan Raya, were served a lunchbox from the committee, and we had lunch together inside the bus.

12.30 AM, Depart from Taman Hutan Raya to The Geology Museum at Jalan Diponegoro, Bandung
We arrived to The Geology Museum at Jalan Diponegoro to see the Geology development in the world, and our country itself. Before that, I went pray Dzuhur first at the mosque near the museum. Inside the museum, we could see the development of our world from time to time. From the era of T-Rex and other dinosaurus, until the globalization era. Darwin Theory is revealed, from the fact that is ilustrated in this museum. From chimpanzze, Pihtecanthropus Erectus, until Homo Sapiens were explained scientifically in the museum. Until at last, the modern era, and how the technology were dominating our daily life.

One of the most interesting that I found in the museum, after the replica of T-rex's fossil, is the face ilustration of Pihtecanthropus Erectus / Homo Erectus. As we all know, this creature is the most human "look a like" creature that convince Charles Darwin to develop his theory. This creature were reconstructed from the skull specimen P.VIII by Mr.Yoichi Yazawa, with the supervision from Dr. Fachroel Aziz from Indonesian Geology Museum, and Dr. Hisao Baba from National Science Museum, Tokyo. It's trully almost the same like human, with added a jaw, and temporal tendons. Are we trully from the ape descendants? Only God who knows.

3.00 PM, Depart from Geology Museum to Dago and Chiampelas
After had an Ashar pray, we were straightly went to Dago, at the center of Bandung to go shopping. Dago, is the plache where, we could find lots of factory outlet, and "distro" (distribution outlet). It's not an usual place to go for "2 hours" shopping, because it's located very far each outlet, and we need to have our own transportation to reach all of them. But, at Dago, we could find lots of famous local clothing brands such as 347/EAT, Ouval, God Inc., Screamous, Oink!, Black Jack, and other local brands which has been famous in all over Indonesia. Because of the distance problem, our committee decided to stay only for 45 minutes, and we were driven to Chiampelas, the place for usual visitors of Bandung to buy gifts, clothes, fashion stuff, and other type of souvenirs. It's also famous with the Jeans products that they produce. It has also a rendevous place name CiWalk (Chiampelas Walk) which is now, are very famous place (or you could say a mall) to be filled with associate people in Bandung.

I only bought some local bands album at that time, because I like the independent scene in Indonesia, especially in Bandung. Bands in Bandung always produce high quality of music, especially in their Indie scene. They always produce, some interesting and innovative musics, which made my bought for about 4 cassetes and 2 Indie magazines which one of them contains 1 music demo CD and some videoclips, and 1 skateboarding VCD. I bought all of them and my expenses didn't reach Rp 100.000 (10 US$). It's highly worth to all of you who enjoyed creative and innovative musics. (visit

7.00 PM, Depart from Chiampelas to Jakarta.
Finally, we went back home after this two days of school trip. It was a very tiring day, and students who joined this trip, were not going to school at the next day, that it should be a school day. It was a very great trip with other student, because we can go together somewhere as friends, although its only a to days trip.

I hope, the next trip could be better from this trip, and we could be together again next time!
See ya!

Saturday, June 10, 2006

School Trip: Day 1

Me and my friends were going to Bandung last Monday until Tuesday to do a school trip. This is trully the first time we do the school trip in this year of study. At the first time, this trip was arranged unfortunately by my Sociological teacher at school who had a plan for going to some place for doing some research about cultur dynamic. Her name is Bu Dewi, and the first thought was appeared when our class (XI-IPS-I / Eleven Social One) decided to do some holiday trip. We suggested to Bu Dewi to arrange some year end holiday to celebrate our farewell together for our class only.

But I think she thinks differently. She spontaneously made some arrangement about a class trip to a place to do a field reaserch. My friend was directly being told to make some kind of voting to choose, where we were going, how long, and the price of it. Well, because it's a collective trip, the price of the trip must be paid by individuals. Because of that, we must vote for the best, the most interesting, and the most efficient trip. After all the discussion, decision were made for us to go to Bogor to visit the site of Pura Agung Parahyangan Jagat Karta, at Salak Mountain, Taman Sari, and then go to Bandung, West Java, to visit the Geological Museum (at Center Bandung), Observatorium Boscha (at Lembang), and "Pakar" Cave / Gua "Pakar" / Gua Belanda (at Dago). But fortunately, this plan are spreading to all the school environment, and this trip is getting bigger and bigger to be done. Until at last, this trip is being "signed" by the head of the school to be a school trip. And the destinations are also being added for the IPA class / Science class to go to the Artificial Insemination Center for cows at Lembang, and The Bio Farma Lab. The trip were held in Monday, 6th of June 2006 for 2 days 1 night until Tuesday.

7.30 AM, At School
We were depature from school together with total 5 buses (each buses contains 60 peoples) with total full (I think..) passengers (students + teachers + drivers + assistant drivers) straightly went to Taman Sari, Bogor to visit Pura Agung Parahyangan Jagat Karta. I got the lucky (or unlucky) bus number 4! This trip was dedicated to fill History and Sociology task. We should do some reaserch about the people who lives in Taman Sari, which is still traditional and have the aculturation of Hindu Religion, and identifiying the Pura Agung Parahyangan Jagat Karta itself. The trip to Bogor was a bit traffic jammed, but we were being satisfied by hundreds of deers who is running and sleeping when we passed Istana Bogor, which is the place for President of Indonesia to stay at Bogor. It was very beautiful.

9.45 AM, Arrived at Pura Agung Parahyangan Jagat Karta, Taman Sari, Bogor
Well, I think my bus was showing her unluckyness, because we had lost to arrived at Pura Agung Parahyangan Jagat Karta, and fortunately we arrived at the last bus in location. After I ask my friends at other buses, I realized that we were late for almost half hours. We were straightly took some stairs, which made from bamboo, to go up to the hill of Salak Mountain. Not close to the top, we could see the Pura Agung Parahyangan Jagat Karta in one big area. It has the gate and the field for praying and other sites of Hindunism. From the pattern, shape, and the places of the Pura, I could recognize that this Pura Agung Parahyangan Jagat Karta, is almost the same from other Puras at Bali.

There are some strict rules that we should obey, when we visited the site. First, we are vorbidden to visit the site if:
1. For the girls/womans who is still have menstruation
2. The visitors have a born/dead family members before 42 days
3. Couples which have babies before 42 days
4. Kissing or doing other things which can increase desire
5. Eating and Drinking
(until now, I still don't recognize what's inside the "42 days" regulation. For anyone who know about this, please send some comment.)

Second, are the things that we should do before we visit the site:
1. We must tie up a yellow cloth in our belly
2. We must get blessed from the water that is sprinkled by the monk to us.

This yellow cloth that is tied up in our belly, shows the symbol of holiness from the desire which we brought from our life, and the sprinkled water is for cleaning our mind from the negative thoughts. We should also sprinkled our gadgets that we brought, such as cameras, handycams, handphones, ect. which can be operated to document the site.
"It would prevent the "unwanted" things to happen to the gadget", said the monk.
Well, it's trully scared me, and it droves me straightly to the front of the Pura to get some blessed for my gadgets. Actually, the monk told us some stories about the existance of the Pura in their religion and the society, in general. The monk explained that, they have predicted the disasters and conflicts which have harmed our country, from the "signs" which was been brought from the dead spirit. They also explained about the chronology about the Tsunami which stikes Aceh, Sumatra, and other natural disasters, such as the earthquake in Yogyakarta, and the volcano at Merapi, connected with their point of views. It's kind of scary when they told about it.
After that, the monk also told that the Pura has some connection with the Padjajaran Empire, which is one of the most influental Hindu Empire in West Java, which is until now, they were still no identification about the place where are the center of the goverment is.

After the explanation about the Pure, we were guided to take a little tour around the site. I also took some picture of it.

10.45 AM, Depature from Pura Agung Parahyangan Jagat Karta to Bandung
We were srtaightly going to Bandung together with our group to Bandung. I took total 8 hours trip through Padalarang Line to our hotel in Mutiara Hotel, near Bandung Train Stations. We had some lunch first on Puncak at some restaurant at 2.00 PM, and had a dinner at Borobudur Restaurant at 7.00 PM. Finally, we arrived at Mutiara Hotel at 8.00 PM to take some rest for tomorow's adventure!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Hello Readers!

Well, actually this is the first time I do blogging which is very special to me because I'm being told by my friend to follow Raditya Dika (the writer of to make blog as place for spreading news, joke, unrealistic story, or whatever that anyone can read it from it. "Just write on it, you will get addicted!", that's what my friends told to me. At the first time, I doubt about it, but well I think i'm doing it now...

At my first posting, I want to introduce myself. My name is Tri Handoyo, but you can call me Yoyok. Im an Indonesian, which nowdays is a very famous country with all the natural disasters which strikes some main states, such as the most famous Tsunami at Aceh, Sumatra; The Volcano at Merapi Mountain, Central Java; and the latest is The 5.9 richter scale Earthquake at Yogyakarta and around (27 May 2006), which cause almost over 4000 people are dead. As an Indonesian, I'm very sad about it because, we are living in one country and have one unity. We have the same condolences one another. I really would like to visit my friends at Yogyakarta, to at least helping the victims to get better treatment.

I'm still studying in SMA 66 / Sixty Six Senior High School. Actually, that is the name of our school. Public Schools at my country are usually given names by numbers such as SD 01 (Sekolah Dasar/Elementary School 01), SMP 172 (Sekolah Menengah Pertama/Junior High School 172), and SMA 32 (Sekolah Menengah Atas/ Senior High School 32) for example. It's usually confusing to recognize where are the place of the school, because every state could have the same number as another. For Example, it has SMA 8 Jakarta and SMA 8 Bandung, SMA 8 Yogyakarta, and other SMA 8 in Indonesia. Well, often people call the student who studies at Public School, "Anak Digit" / "Digit Kids" because the name of our school which based on numbers. (It's OK! Only "jealous" people who do that!)

Well, I hope this blog could be benefitial for all the readers and visitors who came in. I'm sorry if I have some mistaken in English in some posts, because I'm still learning it until now.

See ya!

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