Thursday, August 17, 2006

Independence Day

Happy Independence Day Indonesia!

Karangan / Ciptaan : H. Mutahar

Tujuh belas agustus tahun empat lima
Itulah hari kemerdekaan kita
Hari merdeka nusa dan bangsa
Hari lahirnya bangsa Indonesia

Sekali merdeka tetap merdeka
Selama hayat masih di kandung badan
Kita tetap setia tetap setia
Mempertahankan Indonesia
Kita tetap setia tetap setia
Membela negara kita

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Congratulation Pramadewa Gugus Depan Sixty Six High School

Sixty Six High School Scout enters Tempo Magazine, 20 August 2006

I must be proud being a Sixty Six High School student because, fortunately my school is being published by the best national & political magazine, Tempo Magazine (which has the same status of Time Magazine in U.S.) as The most dicipline and active scout organization of all Jakarta 2006.


Tempo Magazine

Friday, August 11, 2006

Thursday, August 10, 2006

45th Anniversary of Scout Indonesia and 21st Anniversary of Pramadewa

Celebrating the 45th Anniversary of Scout Indonesia and 21th Anniversary of Pramadewa Gugus Depan Indonesia, which based in Sixty Six High School, Scout Extracurricular made some kind of volunteer event to the students, which is blood donation. They invited a minibus of Palang Merah Indonesia (Red Cross Indonesia) to do blood donation to everybody who wants to voluntarily donate their blood to the people who are in need. The event started at 10.00AM in the morning, and being participated by lots of school members, not only the teachers and the school committee, but also the students.

Palang Merah Indonesia’s (PMI) minibus carried 2 persons of doctor, 2 persons of nurses, and a person who does the registration. It also carried 4 folding bed, which is used for making blood transfusion. The PMI team, were also being helped by the Scout team to do the preparation. The event took place in the Common Room of Sixty Six High School. The events went on for 2 hours until 12.00AM.

On this event, I did the first time blood donation, which was making me very proud of myself! :) I was qualified to do the blood donation, which is:

1st I am 17 years old.
2nd I am in healthy.
3rd My weight is over 45 kg.
4th My blood pressure is OK. (110/80)
4th I am not pregnant. (of course lahh...!)
5th I am brave! :)

For the sequence of doing the blood donation, first, we must fill the PMI's registration with personal data. Second, the nurse will check out our registration, and tested our blood category. Our blood sample will be taken from one of our finger, which is stuck by some disposable tool. I have an O type of blood, which is I think is the most common blood category as an Indonesian. Then, our blood pressure will be tested, and the doctor will confirm us if we qualified to donate our blood, or not. Gratefully, I got the blood pressure of 110/80 and qualified as the volunteer! Next, we have to queue for our turn to transfer our blood.

When I saw most of my friends, blood transfusion looks like it’s kind of hurt. But as a man (or a boy), I must be brave of doing this and I must think about everyone who needs these bloods. :) Finally, after my friend Rekha, finished his blood transfusion, now it’s my turn to do it. Well, fortunately I wasn’t scared at all when I do the blood transfusion. Maybe, it’s because all the support of my friends who were accompanying me to do the blood transfusion. Thank you all! The transfusion took my blood for 250cc, and went on for about 5 minutes. After that, the doctor packed my blood with my name and my blood category written on it. Then, I received a donor card from the registration, as a legitimation for doing blood donation. The doctor thanks me for the donation, and pleased me to go to the temporary kitchen to take some meal that PMI’s team has served. I got a bowl of noodle soup, with a bowled egg, plus a glass of chocolate milk, and a glass of water. Mmm, it tasted nice!

I think as an Indonesian, we have a very high characteristic of unity, as we have high interest of social activities, such as this blood donation event. As I saw on the field, people look like very enthusiast to be the volunteer of this event, as the queue continued to increase for almost 100 volunteers. But, finally the PMI team made to transfuse for about 70 packs of bloods with different blood types of A, B, O, and AB, which were being kept on a temporary fridge.

From this event, I just can say that, Scout team has a huge sense of social, by inviting Palang Merah Indonesia, by arranging a blood donation event at Sixty Six High School in celebrating their 45th anniversary, and 21st Pramadewa Gugus Depan anniversary. It really meant a lot to me personally, as the first time I be a blood donator. I hope this event, could be annually arranged, to be able to help other people who are in needed our blood. I also hope that in this 45th anniversary, Scout Indonesia could develop the system and promotion, to make people more interest to join Scout, and be one the best organization in Indonesia.

Thank you, and long live Scout Indonesia!


Wednesday, August 09, 2006

2nd Champion of Schoolimpic Web Design Competition

Thank you for all the readers who have read Broken Plectrum’s posts and appreciate the design of this Blog / Podcast. Well, Alhamdulillah, I could get the second winner of web design competition in Schoolimpic (one of the most favorite school competition in Jakarta, which is arranged by Eight High School). Truly, I am honored to be the second winner of this competition, because I myself only learn the very basic of web from modificating my own blog! ( Seriously! From here, I learn a bit of CSS and Javascript, and I just applied it to my web! Fortunately I won the second winner from competition, which leaded from Twelve High School, but lost from Thirteen High School.

Sixty Six High School brought 3 candidates for the Web Design competition and I was so sad that two of my friends who are Gioz and Wibi, doesn’t get any trophy from this competition, which I could say they would deserved it, because they have more expertise in designing web, rather than me. My friend Gioz, has lots of experience of computer in general, and has expertise lots of computer design’s software such as Adobe Studio and Adobe Photoshop. Without him, maybe I would not even know there was a web design competition in Schoolimpic. Wibi, he has arranged the illustration of the web he wanted to make, and how he did it. I myself haven’t arranged the web about anything until I arrived on the battle, and I only used Microsoft FrontPage to design the web. Well maybe it’s not your time to deserve the wining, and if you have the spirit of winning that you grow it from now, it would not be impossible if you can win the other competitions. I just can quote Mr. Roni Patinasarani’s argument that “Luckiness is one factor that can guarantee people’s live”. If you haven’t deserved it now, maybe you can get it next time.

M. Iqbal from Thirteen High School, North Jakarta, design a very catchy banner from Adobe Flash, mixed with Adobe Dreamweaver, and have lots of superiority of web design itself. The third winner from Twelve High School (I didn’t know the name, because she doesn’t want to share with us!) has superiority in art, that she designed it with Flash and HTML. I made web about Sixty Six High School with all the reviews about school activities with added pictures and videos that I have made it for my blog. We were able to bring the material of the web (text, pictures, videos) from home, but we are prohibited to bring any HTML stuff to the battle. Well, this rules was very beneficial for me that I can fill my web with the reviews that I have made about Sixty Six High School (and some of them I’ve published on this blog). Because of that, maybe the judges decided my web as the second winner because the web was superior of the content of the web. I got Rp500.000 from the committee, as the second winner of Schoolimpic Web Design Competition. It’s well worth from sitting in front of the computer for 9 hours non-stop. :)

From this post, I could say that making blog is very beneficial to all of you!

Long live bloggers!

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sixty Six Extracurricular Show 2006

As the day we were going back to school, at the new school year, our school is presenting some kind of yearly program to promote our school extracurricular to the new students. Every extracurricular in our school were showing and promoting their activities and program by presenting their action in the main field of Sixty Six High School.

After the clock ticks to 10.00 in the morning, our Vice President for Sixty Six High School announced the student from the microphone that there will be an extracurricular promotion, and our school subject is being postponed until the next day. That’s a sign that we were officially “free” from school subjects at that day. After the school bell rang, the entire students went downstairs to see the action of every extracurricular shows that are promoted in the main field.

The crowd started to increase when the Paskibra (Pasukan Pengibar Bendera) 66, as the first extracurricular, were entering the main field. They were showing their firmness and corporation as the team who does the national ceremony. Each member of the Paskibra 66, has done a lot of phase of qualification to be the “youth of the nation”, and each member of the Paskibra at schools in Indonesia, has the chance to lead the National Independence Day Ceremony in Istana Negara, and being watch by the President Republic of Indonesia. It’s not only about the prestigious of the chance to be able to perform at the National Independence Day Ceremony in Indonesia, this extracurricular is added in every high schools in Indonesia, but the member of Paskibra is also being treated leadership. The person who has entered Paskibra is usually had more inner strength and well corporation in organization. One of our school Paskibra’s candidates had entered the level of South Jakarta Mayor as the person who brought the Sang Saka Merah Putih (National Red-White Flag) to be waved in front of the South Jakarta Mayor Office. His Name is Rian. He is also an XII class student from science.

Paskibra 66 Paskibra 66 1

After the Paskibra 66 team performed their move and shows their lines and formations, now it’s turn for the Boy’s Futsal and Basketball 66 team to promote their extracurricular in the main filled. The main field, seems like filled with people with “Sixty Six” tags on their shirts. Mixed between soccer and basketball, both of them are presenting their school activities by performing some attractive action on the field. For the Boys Futsal 66 team, they were doing juggling, penalty shooting, attacking, defending, and other varieties of actions that attract people around the field. On the half-side of the Sixty Six main fields, the Boy’s Basketball Team didn’t want to lose attention from the Boys Futsal Team on the other half-side of the team. They did some lay-ups, free throws, and other corporation strategies that they developed to score some interesting goal. Both of the team, seems competing each other getting most of attention from Sixty Six students who watched the show.

Boys Futsal & Basketball 66

The next turn is for the Girls Soccer 66 Team and the Girls Soccer 66 team to present their talented action in the main field. As both Girls and Boys teams either from soccer and basketball perform their action on the main field, the student from Music Extracurricular were filling the “gap” with performing their bands to play some attractive music, local and international.

Girls Futsal 66

Next, is the Break Dance Extracurricular show. They performed lots of kind of break dance styles from the western street style, until Capoeira. I think at this extracurricular show, Break Dance didn’t show their total performance, because, I think they themselves were lack of preparation. They did the break dance on the ground not without any protection for their heads or using pads. They also didn’t use any soft surface for doing handstands and other kinds of freestyles. Well, at least, they tried to do the best for the performance, and I can tell that, they have the guts to perform in front of hundreds of students.

Break Dance 66 Break Dance 66 1

After the Break Dance thanks to the spectators as they finished their performance, it’s time for the team from Pramuka / Scout Extracurricular to promote their activities to the new students. I could say that Scout Extracurricular is the most well prepared extracurricular show. A day before, scouts team did a lot of preparation for the team performance, such as ropes that have hanged on to 2 walls in the third floor, and continuous training on the Scout Room on the second floor. They presented us some spectacular shows, such as escaping person from the hill (which presented with the rope that has been prepared before), which attracted a lot of people to see them closer, (you can check it on the picture!) or doing some downhill from the third class, and some hiking and camping demonstration on the main field of Sixty Six, such as making tents and outdoor kitchens.

Pramuka 66 Pramuka 66 1 Pramuka 66 2 Pramuka 66 3

Gugus Depan Pramuka 66 (Scout Gugus Depan) represents the show with all the alumni’s and the new comers. They both are doing some excellent show that made to attract lots of people to watch the show. The mentors who are Mr. Suganda and Mrs. Erna, seems satisfied watching the show of their mentored extracurricular. I think the new students who enters Sixty Six must enter this extracurricular, because not only Sixty Six High School itself which is the main place of Gugus Depan Pramuka in Indonesia, 66 Scout extracurricular were also offering some high quality outbound and lots of other outdoor activities which are all available in the country like Indonesia. If you want to check the further info of Sixty Six Gugus Depan Scout team, you can visit Long Live Scout Indonesia!

At the end of the Sixty Six Scout Extracurricular show, the band from Sendratasik Extracurricular (Seni, Drama, Tari, dan Musik / Art, Act, Dance, and Music) presented us 3 local songs from popular bands in Indonesia, and one of them which is “Kamulah Satu-satunya” from Dewa 19 band, has made a sing along to lots of people who watched the show. X class students seems watched the bands very enthusiast that they were just focusing on the band performance. Ratu Soraya Putri who leads the vocal, seems spontaneously sung the song that have made a good performance for the band.

Sendratasik Band

As the band ended their last song, the students from Choir Extracurricular entered the north side of the Sixty Six main fields. The Choir Extracurricular team sang 3 choir songs form traditional songs. They repackage the songs with choir touch of harmony. One of the songs, which are “Sik-Sik-Sipatumanik”, has made the Sixty Six Choir Extracurricular Team won the third position of Jakarta’s Best High School Choir 2005. The songs were accompanied by piano, which is played by one of our alumnus, Kak Dodi. Kak Dodi was a Sixty Six High School student, who is a handicap. He plays and learn piano by himself, and has accompanied a lot of musical performance from Sixty Six High School.

Choir 66

Sixty Six High School itself, accept handicap persons to study ordinary school subject as the other public schools in Indonesia. Sixty Six High School, fortunately is the only inclusion public school from South Jakarta, which accept handicap persons, mixed with normal people. I personally, salute to all the handicap persons in Sixty Six, because, they could receive school subjects that the teacher give to the student, by only using their sense of hearing, and reading. Although, they have so much limitation in their life, but they have the passion to learn, which make them survive in this globalization era. This kind of learning process, could throw up the low position of usual Indonesian handicap profession, such as massagers or beggars, into the better one in the future. It’s one of Sixty Six High School miracle! Salute!

Next, is the Palang Merah Remaja’s (Red Cross Youth) turn to represent their extracurricular to the Sixty Six High School students. With all the availability that they have, PMR extracurricular members presented their demonstration about healing and curing. They showed the “first accident action” of hand wounded, broken arm, and injured forehead. PMR student is the team who’s in charge of Medicine Room at school. They help the people who have problems with physical health. If there is some students injured and have other physical health problems, PMR students will do the “first accident action” for the person to cure the pain. PMR student will be standby at the Medicine Room, and do the job like a professional school doctor. I’ve being helped by the PMR student once, when had a broken tooth, when I was fell down from the bicycle ride to school. They just served me that kind of curing action to help decrease my pain from further bumps. And I think their aid really helps me out at that time. Long lives Palang Merah Remaja 66!

Palang Merah Remaja 66

After the Palang Merah Remaja team packaged their utilities, it’s time for the Karya Ilmiah Remaja (Science Youth Club) Extracurricular to present their activities. At this show, KIR students did some demonstration of water distillation, “magic fire”, and numbers game (I would prefer this to Sudoku, but I think the team didn’t get it.). When I confirmed the Head of KIR 2006, Nugroho Tri Sayoga, on water distillation, KIR students use a very simple tool to do it with plastic bottle, straw, and the ingredients, such as soft sands, hard sands, palm fiber, charcoal, and coral splits. At the “magic fire” show, KIR students present some kind of “magic” that they learned from chemical substances, which has the character of burning. They use newspapers as the object to be burnt with mixed chemical substances that can be burnt with only using the heat of hands, as if we saw the newspaper burnt by itself. Interesting! Last, at the numbers game, KIR students invited the viewers to join with them playing some board game, which contained with six lines and six rows of numbers. As a slide, I think this is Sudoku, but KIR students describe this as usual numbers game. At the and of the show, Erowati as the MC of KIR extracurricular show, thanked to all the viewers who have watched the show, and she hope that the viewers can join KIR at the new school year of 2006.

Kelompok Ilmiah Remaja 66 Kelompok Ilmiah Remaja 66 1 Kelompok Ilmiah Remaja 66 2

When the students from Taekwondo Extracurricular were entering the main field of Sixty Six High School, the crowds were suddenly increasing from the spectators. From the total of 6 students from the taekwondo extracurricular who enters the main field, they presented this Japanese Martial Art with added some spectacular shows, such as breaking irons. First, they do their usual taekwondo training, which most of them are using their feet to defend and attack the enemy. After that, the spectacular show, such as breaking the iron, with that kind of taekwondo style from spinning until dropkick.

See the action of Taekwondo Sixty Six High School Extracurricular!

After that, taekwondo team bent their body, to tell the viewers that it’s the end of the show, as the crowds were clapping their hands to the team.

Taekwondo 66

It’s time for Sendratasik Act Team who present their action on the field. Kelik Bayundara as the script reader presented some poetry about humanity, that being dramatized by Drama Extracurricular. The story is about confusion and personal emotion of the writer. It cast by one boy who looks like in confusion, and three girls who expressed shocked as they act like they passed out. Backing piano by Kak Dodi, really represent the emotion of the drama poetry. Sendratasik Extracurricular made to stunned lots of people to receive the emotion of Kelik Bayundara, as he received the first winner of poetry reading in Sixty Six Culture Day 2005.

Kelik Puisi 66 Drama 66

After the Sendratasik Extracurricular finished their action on the main field, it’s the Modern Dance Extracurricular time to show up their talent to pursue the new student to enter their activities, by presenting their moves and style of the dance. Fortunately, all the members of the Moderen Dance Extracurricular are all girls, and it really attracted lots of people to see the moves of the dancer. This type of dance is influenced by the Western culture, which they claimed as modern dance. Different from the Break Dance Extracurricular which most of the members is from the boys, and does more international moves, such as Capoeira from Brazil and Break Dance itself from the street culture, Moderen Dance Extracurricular does more glamour and stylish type of dance. Sixty Six Moderen dance has also appeared in Planet Remaja (Teenage Planet) at ANTV local television show, which represent one of the school candidate from Sixty Six High School.

Dance 66

Last but not least, it’s tome for Rohis (Rohani Islam / Islamic Club) Extracurricular who represent their school activities. The extracurricular, which divided into two types, which are Marawis (Musical Eastern Percussion), and Rohis member itself, has plenty of activities to offer such as Mabit, Al-Quran Club, Rohis Study Club, etc, and also activities which represent Muslims celebration day such as Month of Ramadan (a whole month that we all Muslim do the fasting), Idul Fitri (the day when we ended our whole month fasting and return our new holiness of Fitri / soul and spirit), Idul Adha (the day where we sacrifice goats, sheep’s, cows, carabao, or camel, to be donate to the poor people, as we remind the day that Prophet Ibrahim sincere to sacrifice his only one beloved son Prophet Ismail, from the order of Allah, and it suddenly traded to goat), Nuzulul Quran (the day when Al-Quran first sent to the world in the night of Lailatul Qadar), Isra Mi’raj (the day when Prophet Muhammad SAW is raised to the 7th sky), and Born of Prophet Muhammad SAW (12 Rabiul Awal Tahun Gajah / 570 M).

Rohis Marawis 66 Rohis 66

Before the show starts, the leader of Rohis 2006, Romi Setiawan did the opening and with nice greetings to all the viewers. Next, Rohis Extracurricular, represent their Marawis team to play some songs with traditional Arabian percussion mixed with traditional Indonesian percussion instruments. They played total of 3 songs which each song have the duration for about 5 minutes. As the last show of the Sixty Six Extracurricular Promotion 2006, Rohis Extracurricular ended the show with doing some kind of percussion parade as they went out from the main field.

MOS 66 1

Finally, the Extracurricular Promotion 2006 is ended by the closing ceremony of the Period of Orientation Session for the new X class students who enters the Sixty Six High School. The students were clapping their hands when Mr. Suratmin as the coordinator of the program, officially close the orientation session at the ceremony. From now on, the new student of X class has officially be a high school student, and me as the XII student must give good example to my juniors to be a good person in the future.

Welcome to Sixty Six High School!

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