Saturday, November 04, 2006

Writing, Writing, and Writing

Writing now days, seems like is the most expressional media to “speak up”. By the composition of good language and well-structural text writing is the most reliable thing to do. The development of technology makes writing is more easier, faster and cheaper, to be published in public. Let’s say this blog for example. More people are interested to express their mind in blog, proofing the big number of blog providers on the Internet. Some people use it for persuasion, promotion, propaganda, but most of people uses as the place to tell their daily stories.

The most interesting about writing is, we can keep it as our history. Writing could document people activities from they were a child until they’ve grown up. It also taught us to be creative and more diligent in using the correct words for each expression that we want. It could trigger a lot of new kind of word expression. Just read a lot of local or international magazine. They could express the news to be easier to read, from the usual complicated and pandemic tragedies. Or, let’s say a hip-hop musicians, who are usually use a lot of “slang words” to express their critics or lifestyle.

The development of writing is one cause of the development of information technology of the globalization era. Like my quote I added in the sidebar, tells you that now days, being smart is easy, cheap and reliable. The information just could be read by anyone without seeing the class of social statue. People will be satisfied with something in short length that drives you into the pop culture.

The thing that I usually concern is about the content of the writing. With more easier we express and our mind in writing, and publish it, the more less we could find any deep and meaningful content of writing. This has the same effect as the other type of medias, such as television and radio broadcast. The content is about satisfying the commercial advertisement or other business action. If this just go on, the “korban media” / “victims of media” could drives people into commercial minded. That’s why a lot of teenagers now days are searching for some more idealist artist to favor. The smarter teenage with all the expose of information by the development of information technology, they seems ignoring the action of commercialism. It’s because they’re already known what is the purpose of each commercial’s propaganda’s and persuasions to pursue people.

From this situation, we could possible seeing the kids are reading some politics news or magazine, such as Time or Tempo. It’s because the children who always want to know, are searching for the new “trends”. Yes, I say “trends”, because the “do it yourself” and “gue banget” spirit / “it’s my style” spirit is being taught and integrate to the children by the free and reliant of information. They want to be different by knowing the information that is usually consume by the experts. Kids next we can found who has the ability to talk like a lawyer, or to promote like an undergraduate marketing major.

Well, for instant we could see that it’s full of satisfaction. Especially for parents who realized / doesn’t realized that they have very smart and talented children. The point is, if the information isn’t being “drink as dosage”, it will harm children’s psychology. The children wouldn’t feel happy in their kid’s life, because they’ve consume a lot of information in their young life. It could distract their attention to their formal study, which is their first priority t school.

The appreciation of study (which could be seen on the media) seems are getting more and more less. Media, which is getting more freedom to talk, just expose the commercial purposes that will came up money. The commercial things should be carefully taught to the kids, to make them not ”commercial minded” in their young age. To the teenage, I suggest that, we should be more creative and close our mind to God to give us the good way to run life.

Write in the good way to make the children study in the right way!

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