Saturday, June 10, 2006

School Trip: Day 1

Me and my friends were going to Bandung last Monday until Tuesday to do a school trip. This is trully the first time we do the school trip in this year of study. At the first time, this trip was arranged unfortunately by my Sociological teacher at school who had a plan for going to some place for doing some research about cultur dynamic. Her name is Bu Dewi, and the first thought was appeared when our class (XI-IPS-I / Eleven Social One) decided to do some holiday trip. We suggested to Bu Dewi to arrange some year end holiday to celebrate our farewell together for our class only.

But I think she thinks differently. She spontaneously made some arrangement about a class trip to a place to do a field reaserch. My friend was directly being told to make some kind of voting to choose, where we were going, how long, and the price of it. Well, because it's a collective trip, the price of the trip must be paid by individuals. Because of that, we must vote for the best, the most interesting, and the most efficient trip. After all the discussion, decision were made for us to go to Bogor to visit the site of Pura Agung Parahyangan Jagat Karta, at Salak Mountain, Taman Sari, and then go to Bandung, West Java, to visit the Geological Museum (at Center Bandung), Observatorium Boscha (at Lembang), and "Pakar" Cave / Gua "Pakar" / Gua Belanda (at Dago). But fortunately, this plan are spreading to all the school environment, and this trip is getting bigger and bigger to be done. Until at last, this trip is being "signed" by the head of the school to be a school trip. And the destinations are also being added for the IPA class / Science class to go to the Artificial Insemination Center for cows at Lembang, and The Bio Farma Lab. The trip were held in Monday, 6th of June 2006 for 2 days 1 night until Tuesday.

7.30 AM, At School
We were depature from school together with total 5 buses (each buses contains 60 peoples) with total full (I think..) passengers (students + teachers + drivers + assistant drivers) straightly went to Taman Sari, Bogor to visit Pura Agung Parahyangan Jagat Karta. I got the lucky (or unlucky) bus number 4! This trip was dedicated to fill History and Sociology task. We should do some reaserch about the people who lives in Taman Sari, which is still traditional and have the aculturation of Hindu Religion, and identifiying the Pura Agung Parahyangan Jagat Karta itself. The trip to Bogor was a bit traffic jammed, but we were being satisfied by hundreds of deers who is running and sleeping when we passed Istana Bogor, which is the place for President of Indonesia to stay at Bogor. It was very beautiful.

9.45 AM, Arrived at Pura Agung Parahyangan Jagat Karta, Taman Sari, Bogor
Well, I think my bus was showing her unluckyness, because we had lost to arrived at Pura Agung Parahyangan Jagat Karta, and fortunately we arrived at the last bus in location. After I ask my friends at other buses, I realized that we were late for almost half hours. We were straightly took some stairs, which made from bamboo, to go up to the hill of Salak Mountain. Not close to the top, we could see the Pura Agung Parahyangan Jagat Karta in one big area. It has the gate and the field for praying and other sites of Hindunism. From the pattern, shape, and the places of the Pura, I could recognize that this Pura Agung Parahyangan Jagat Karta, is almost the same from other Puras at Bali.

There are some strict rules that we should obey, when we visited the site. First, we are vorbidden to visit the site if:
1. For the girls/womans who is still have menstruation
2. The visitors have a born/dead family members before 42 days
3. Couples which have babies before 42 days
4. Kissing or doing other things which can increase desire
5. Eating and Drinking
(until now, I still don't recognize what's inside the "42 days" regulation. For anyone who know about this, please send some comment.)

Second, are the things that we should do before we visit the site:
1. We must tie up a yellow cloth in our belly
2. We must get blessed from the water that is sprinkled by the monk to us.

This yellow cloth that is tied up in our belly, shows the symbol of holiness from the desire which we brought from our life, and the sprinkled water is for cleaning our mind from the negative thoughts. We should also sprinkled our gadgets that we brought, such as cameras, handycams, handphones, ect. which can be operated to document the site.
"It would prevent the "unwanted" things to happen to the gadget", said the monk.
Well, it's trully scared me, and it droves me straightly to the front of the Pura to get some blessed for my gadgets. Actually, the monk told us some stories about the existance of the Pura in their religion and the society, in general. The monk explained that, they have predicted the disasters and conflicts which have harmed our country, from the "signs" which was been brought from the dead spirit. They also explained about the chronology about the Tsunami which stikes Aceh, Sumatra, and other natural disasters, such as the earthquake in Yogyakarta, and the volcano at Merapi, connected with their point of views. It's kind of scary when they told about it.
After that, the monk also told that the Pura has some connection with the Padjajaran Empire, which is one of the most influental Hindu Empire in West Java, which is until now, they were still no identification about the place where are the center of the goverment is.

After the explanation about the Pure, we were guided to take a little tour around the site. I also took some picture of it.

10.45 AM, Depature from Pura Agung Parahyangan Jagat Karta to Bandung
We were srtaightly going to Bandung together with our group to Bandung. I took total 8 hours trip through Padalarang Line to our hotel in Mutiara Hotel, near Bandung Train Stations. We had some lunch first on Puncak at some restaurant at 2.00 PM, and had a dinner at Borobudur Restaurant at 7.00 PM. Finally, we arrived at Mutiara Hotel at 8.00 PM to take some rest for tomorow's adventure!

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