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School Trip: Day 2

At the second day, which was the most tired day at the trip, we went to place like The Artificial Insemination Institute at Lembang, West Java (place for doing artificial insemination for cows), to "Gua Pakar" at Taman Hutan Raya, Ir. Juanda, Bandung (which is a cave that was being used by the Dutch as a place for saving amunition at the colonization era, and one of famous Dutch inheritance in Bandung.), to The Geology Museum at Jalan Diponegoro, and the last is went shopping at Dago, and Cihampelas.

6.00 AM, Went up from bed.
I got up a bit late this morning, because of the late night sleep last night. I had a bad sleep last night, because of the unstopable flu that stroke most of room mate, included me. I wonder why so many people had a terrible flu last night. By the way, I sraightly went praying Subuh, in my little room, and than took a shower. When I was taking a shower, one of my room mate was playing an Saosin song "I Can Tell" from his N-Gage, which made me and my friend outside the bathroom sang along together. Well, nowdays, emo is one of the genre which is very popular, especially in teenagers. We would often see, at least one emo song in teenage handphone or mp3 player. Actually, they only played a simple guitar riff, covered with sad pitch (or screaming) of vocal, but, I wonder why so many people just loved it and enjoyed it. Stunning!

After I took a shower, I started to got up my friends in other room, which were still asleep, because of the late night sleep also. Last night was a very interesting night that we slept in the hotel. You now, that in most stars hotels, were available an intercom phone calls, which every body can call anyone in the hotel by just dialing the number of the room. Me and my friends just did that to make fun with others. We called somebody's room and just make a joke with it. We were not afraid did that, because people from or school were the most visitors at Mutiara Hotel, at that time. But, one of my friend actually made a wrong call and being picked up by a people with an Arabian language! Well, it was very fun night!

8.00 AM, Depart from Mutiara Hotel to The Artificial Insemination Institution, at Lembang
After we had breakfast at the hotel, we went to the The Artificial Insemination Institution which the place for doing artificial insemination for cows. This trip, actually dedicated to the science student to do reasearch about the artificial insemination, especially for cows. But, the social student also have some important informatoin about the implementation of artificial insemination in Indonesia.

When we visit the institution, our feet must be sterilized by dipping our shoes in some puddle. This action, is to prevent the unwanted bacteria, or dirt that stuck in our shoes. The science class student, got the first term to visit, and than followed by the social class.

You know, apparently most of meats from cows in Indonesia, actually are the result of implementing artificial insemination. This is the center place for doing artificial insemination for cows in Indonesia. Cows which is available in here, were actually the best choosen cows from the farmers, which was being trusted by its heir. Its true, the success of breeding a good cow, is base from its family connection. Cows must not reproduce with other cows which has a family relationship, because it will have the same ... and cause a physical defect that will produce a much smaller cows. That's why cows at the institution were very big and heathy! It's almost the same like human. If we get married with people which have family connection, it would cause some
physical defect to our heir. Cows at the institution, were given some healthy food, multivitamin, and some routine excercise every day, to make a good potential for heir.

Artificial insemination for cows, is by taking the male sperm and being transfered to the female by injection. A male can reproduce almost 2 billion sperm every ejaculating, but only about 1-2 million potential sperm which can be reproduce. Sperms that has been taken, are being save in the fridge, and than being sold each pippet (about 25.000 active sperms) to all different states in Indonesia. These sperms were very potential to reproduce a good and heathy cows, all over Indonesia, and each pippet were distributed to different places in Indonesia, to prevent the same offspring to the cows. Until now, artificial insemination is the best system that is implemented in Indonesia, to fulfil the people needs of meat.

10.00 Depart from The Artificial Insemination Institution to Taman Hutan Raya
After we visited The Artificial Insemination Institution in Lembang, we went to Taman Hutan Raya, the place for the site of Gua "Pakar" / "Pakar" Cave, at Jalan Ir. Juanda, Bandung. The site at Taman Hutan Raya is divided into two part:
1. Gua "Pakar" / "Pakar" Cave / Gua Belanda, which is one of Dutch colonize inheritance.
2. Gua Jepang / Japanese Cave, which is one of Japanese colonize inheritance.
This site is surrounded with Pinus Trees and have very beautiful views of hills and mountains. From the site, we also can see a waterfall from the hillside. We should go downhill to reach two of the cave.

First, we visited the Japanese Cave. This cave was actually built at 1942, when Japan was colonizing Indonesia. This cave was built for the shelter of defense for the Japanese troops. This cave is very dark, and we must have, at least a flashlight go explore what's inside the cave. This cave is never been added any lighting. But you don't have to worry, because a lot of people outside the cave were offering (or maybe giving and paying) some rental flashlight. Until now, we still don't know, what's the purpose of the Japanese, making the cave. We could tell that this cave is small, because the Japanese stopped the construction and leave Indonesia. This cave is also have a lots of ventilation.

For about 400 m from the Japanese Cave, we can see "Pakar" Cave, which built in 1918 by the Dutch. This cave is actually have lighting instalation, but I think now it's not being reinstalled, which make this cave is also very dark like the Japanese Cave (or maybe it goes intentionaly like this to make profit for the flashlight service). These two caves were very dark and humid which made me a bit uncomfortable visit these two sites. "Pakar" Cave were used by the Dutch for military base, jail, place for saving amunition, and the water electric resource. A little cave not far and above the main cave, is the place for the guard post. This cave is actually wider than the Japanese Cave, and inside it, we still can find an old radio transmitter inside the cave. In one path, we can also see the railway at the cave's surface.

After we went out from Taman Hutan Raya, were served a lunchbox from the committee, and we had lunch together inside the bus.

12.30 AM, Depart from Taman Hutan Raya to The Geology Museum at Jalan Diponegoro, Bandung
We arrived to The Geology Museum at Jalan Diponegoro to see the Geology development in the world, and our country itself. Before that, I went pray Dzuhur first at the mosque near the museum. Inside the museum, we could see the development of our world from time to time. From the era of T-Rex and other dinosaurus, until the globalization era. Darwin Theory is revealed, from the fact that is ilustrated in this museum. From chimpanzze, Pihtecanthropus Erectus, until Homo Sapiens were explained scientifically in the museum. Until at last, the modern era, and how the technology were dominating our daily life.

One of the most interesting that I found in the museum, after the replica of T-rex's fossil, is the face ilustration of Pihtecanthropus Erectus / Homo Erectus. As we all know, this creature is the most human "look a like" creature that convince Charles Darwin to develop his theory. This creature were reconstructed from the skull specimen P.VIII by Mr.Yoichi Yazawa, with the supervision from Dr. Fachroel Aziz from Indonesian Geology Museum, and Dr. Hisao Baba from National Science Museum, Tokyo. It's trully almost the same like human, with added a jaw, and temporal tendons. Are we trully from the ape descendants? Only God who knows.

3.00 PM, Depart from Geology Museum to Dago and Chiampelas
After had an Ashar pray, we were straightly went to Dago, at the center of Bandung to go shopping. Dago, is the plache where, we could find lots of factory outlet, and "distro" (distribution outlet). It's not an usual place to go for "2 hours" shopping, because it's located very far each outlet, and we need to have our own transportation to reach all of them. But, at Dago, we could find lots of famous local clothing brands such as 347/EAT, Ouval, God Inc., Screamous, Oink!, Black Jack, and other local brands which has been famous in all over Indonesia. Because of the distance problem, our committee decided to stay only for 45 minutes, and we were driven to Chiampelas, the place for usual visitors of Bandung to buy gifts, clothes, fashion stuff, and other type of souvenirs. It's also famous with the Jeans products that they produce. It has also a rendevous place name CiWalk (Chiampelas Walk) which is now, are very famous place (or you could say a mall) to be filled with associate people in Bandung.

I only bought some local bands album at that time, because I like the independent scene in Indonesia, especially in Bandung. Bands in Bandung always produce high quality of music, especially in their Indie scene. They always produce, some interesting and innovative musics, which made my bought for about 4 cassetes and 2 Indie magazines which one of them contains 1 music demo CD and some videoclips, and 1 skateboarding VCD. I bought all of them and my expenses didn't reach Rp 100.000 (10 US$). It's highly worth to all of you who enjoyed creative and innovative musics. (visit

7.00 PM, Depart from Chiampelas to Jakarta.
Finally, we went back home after this two days of school trip. It was a very tiring day, and students who joined this trip, were not going to school at the next day, that it should be a school day. It was a very great trip with other student, because we can go together somewhere as friends, although its only a to days trip.

I hope, the next trip could be better from this trip, and we could be together again next time!
See ya!

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