Friday, September 22, 2006 - Karya Tuna Netra

It’s a great achievement for Indonesia to have very talented youth who exist in this globalization era. Internet is one of the most reliable technologies to be able to access lots of web sites. Although we seen most of them are ordinary, this one is a very special one. This is the website that is fully develop by Indonesian inclusion student., (Karya Tuna Netra) the web which is develop by Irawan Mulyanto, M. Ikhwan Toriqo, Dimas Prasetyo Muharam, and Aris Yohanes E, as the administrator, (two at the last are my school friends at Sixty Six High School) shown the high potential of Indonesian youth to be able to compete with this globalization competition. The name “Kartunet” is taken from the fact that all the developers of this web are all blind person. The web is about the media for appreciation. Not only blind person who is the members of this web, but it’s open for everybody who wants to publish their creation on the web.

We could send some poetry, short story, critics, or any kind of writing that they will publish it to all of us. If we see in a long term, this media could make their own market that will be loved and joined by lots literature, or journalist lovers. If you see the design of the web, you will be amazed by the system that is working inside the web. They’ve used language such as PHP, MySQL, CSS, and Javascript beside the basic language, HTML. The web also featured standard commercial web facilities such as Guest Book, Opinion, Search Engine, Weather Forecast, Web Statistic, Polling, Music, and other professional commercial web feature.

Inside the web, we could see their creation such as short story, poetry, critics, and any kind of writing in the level that we cannot describe it as beginner. We can read some interesting stories from Ari titled “Ucup Yang Bodoh” / “Stupid Ucup”, some sharp and inspirational critics “Masihkah Ada Nasionalisme Kita?” / “Do We Still Have Our Nationalism?” or “Perjuangan Yang Patah” / “Broken Fighting Spirit” from Dimas Prasetyo Muharam arguing about nationalism and the development of Indonesia, or some connected stories from Rafik Akbar. also features editorial about politics, economy, social, sports, culture & art, computer, and some entertainment feature such as games and zodiac.

This web is fully developed free and not profit-oriented, and the developers are learning the language by autodidact. The thing that I amazed about the design of the web, they could arrange the template as a very user-friendly to the visitors. We could see the feature such as Guest Book, Comment Sheet, Web Statistic and Polling which are fully designed by them. Although it’s all dominated in Indonesian Language, (because they want to have local traffic first), they have lots of international visitors from neighbor countries such as Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia, and other continent in the world such as Puerto Rico and Sweden. It has been a symbol of “modern fight” in the future, to be able to compete with “modern colonizer” which is knowledge and creativity.

If we see the situation in Indonesia, the government is still seems to ignore the existence of disability people. They are still not seeing the potential of disability people, which fortunately can make great name for Indonesia. Only some foundation that supports disables persons to exist in Indonesia. is one of the media that shown the existence of blind people in Indonesia, which is still ignored by the problems of politics and economy that never ends. The government must be able to give appreciation for the people who brought good names for the country, to motivate them to keep doing the job, or at least to make them stay at Indonesia.

Their disability is not being their barrier to exist in this globalization era., which is fully, develop by a group of blind people in Indonesia, shown that everything that we want and do it with work hard, must be able to achieve it. This is one of example that everyone must be ready to face the globalization era, as people point of views, grow to be more selective and tight, that globalization era is not seeing people from it’s expertise anymore, but they would see creativity to develop a new innovation in the future.

They have one point to say, in "Tentang Kami" / "About Us":

"Walau kami mengatakan bahwa website ini dibuat sebagai wadah karya tunanetra, namun, kami mengharapkan hasil kreatifitas dari seluruh masyarakat dapat dipublikasikan melalui website ini."

"Although we said that this web site is filled with creations of blind persons, we also hope that people creativity could also be publicized in this web site."




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Hai yo,
i am really appreciated with your writing.
i hope, not only you that care with disable people especially

once again, thanks for your kindness.

warm regard,
dimas prasetyo
editorman of

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